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AMC: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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I can't believe that we're a few weeks into this Erica storyline, and we still have NO idea who this captor is. I love it. I haven't been this, "What the hell is this?" in a long time. :) I'm sure I'll be disappointed soon enough, but right now...I'm loving the guessing game.

I thought it was interesting that The Voice pointed out he could really be a she. Until know, we've been lead to believe it is without a doubt a man.

Erica is wonderful, but she's not the smartest. The plate being hot doesn't mean she's in PV, that's what ovens and microwaves are for. LOL Though, she probably doesn't really use either all that much. :lol:

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Really solid episode all around today!

I loved Erica's digs at Krystal when she thought she was the captor (sorry, I'm too lazy to write them down).

As much as I hate seeing Jack growing closer to Krystal, at least we know it's just temporary.

Even Bianca's date could feel the sparks between her & Marissa!

LMAO at Colby for not recognizing the new maid at all.

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