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AMC - Tuesday - 04-12-2011

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I hate this nasty old woman. She probably never gets laid


The kids are cute but they shouldnt give them lines bc they arent that good :ph34r:


Erica is imagining ehr fiancee as another man. Not a good sign


LMAO at Maya's plea to JR. ""I will take pride in every mopped floor!" Too bad she's so youing, bc I think AMC may have found his next match. Loving their scenes"

Jesse is shocked bc the mayor thinks he might give preferential treatment to Griffin bc he's the brother-in-law to a close personal friend. Hmmm, I wonder why she would think that?

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yes, she did! They definetly have chemistry. The only thing Im oppposed to is that she is so young. She comes across very innocent and naive and at this point in his life, he needs someone with experience who knows who she is and what she wants. He doesnt need someone who's learning how to find herself. In that regard, she's better suited for Asher, but Id love it if she and JR develop a friendship. Anyways, here's some pics for you




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Maya even works with Frankie. She is clicking with everyone she interacts with. What a great find. Frankie mentioned he faced a similar situation when she mentions that she had to give her child away. Is he talking about his son, William? My goodness, has AMC finally remembered that he is a father?

and look how f-ed up that ended up. Dixie was never meant to be an actual match for Adam. She was merely a means to an end. I dont want JR corrupting or hurting her. I dont want a Dixie/Adam redux

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