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AMC: An Unexpected Kiss

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JR and Asher

Maya and Asher

Griffin and Kendall

Frankie and Madison

Natalia and Randi

Jack and Krystal

Tad and Cara

Scott and Greenlee

Jake and Greenlee

JR and Amanda

Opal and Caleb

Ryan and Herpes

Bianca and that hot girl at the Confusion bar

Emma and AJ

Liza and Asher

There, I thought of a few unexpected kisses that might have been more interesting

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Don't let his writing fool you, he loved them. Fans didn't but Pratt did, why you think he wrote JR out the house initially? to bond him to that waste of a character. Fans wanted JR & Amanda, screamed it to the heavens, wrote in letters, took polls, they gave us that.

LoBro came right in fixed it like nothing. She never really cared for the Marissa character, always wanted JR dark. K&S don't really love the character, they just love Sarah too much.

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