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Remake TV shows you want to see...

Ryan Chamberlain

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I just got through watching Are You Being Served? And, I realized they never made an American version of it like they did The Office/Steptoe and Son/Till Death Do Us Part...and thought...This show would be perfection to re-do and put on TBS or TV Land.

My dream cast for it..

Abe Vigoda=Mr. Grainger

Michael Gross=Captain Peacock

Daniel Benzali (sp? The Balkan dude)=Mr. Rumboldt

Michael E. Knight=Mr. Lucas

Tony Hale=Mr. Humphries

Kirsten Wiig=Ms. Brahms

Mindy Cohn=Mrs. Slocombe

I would be so freaking obsessed with that remake if it was done like that. I really would. It would be genius!

Any old shows that you all would like to see a remake of? And, who would you cast?

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Since everybody's still alive, I'd like to see a Mama's Family reunion as a TV Land special written by Golden Girls writers. That show could have been brilliant in those writers' hands.

I'd also like to see the same for Good Times (not GG writers, just GOOD ones a la the first seasons).

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Re: "Good Times" ~ This might be a bit too soapy, but I'd like to see a reunion where the kids - J.J. (Jimmie Walker), Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis) and Michael (Ralph Carter) - discover their father, James (John Amos), is still alive. (Hey, if James' own dad can come back from the dead, why not him, too, lol?)

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My dream is for a modern telling of Little House on the Prairie. It'd be set in the rural town of Walnut Grove (and surrounding areas) just like the original show and have all of the same characters, but it'd be set in the present day. I'm not sure if all of the character relationships that existed in the late 1800s could exist today, though, but I'd still love to watch that.

For one, the Laura/Almanzo/Nellie triangle would last longer than two episodes, and Albert/Willie would happen as would Nels/Eliza Jane.

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    • So very true. And heehee at 'at least he's pretty.'   I would take RC back in a heartbeat. Lucas, like Brenda, is so connected to the canvas, that it's just shocking to me that he's not there. And there are so many possibilities for him...being the brother, working toward CoS, getting back with Brad or being in a triangle...that is so much more than a gay doctor and more a doctor who happens to be...gay. 
    • Love Carnes, but he’s made it clear he is not coming back.    Who do you want to see step into the Lucas role? It needs to be an actor with some daytime chops. This is not a role worth recasting if not. I can see JP Lavoisier doing a good job, and he is a FV favourite. 
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson in the new opening titles - a clearer view than the twitter video had..

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    • Yeah, I just finished playing catch up and EH was rocking that dress.   Such a throwback to her beginnings and I loved it. 
    • @Darn has said Terry cannot react to a page convincingly and bless her, it is true lol. I am glad the character is there but she does not need major story. Britt should not have been left in charge of a Chia Pet after the shít she and her mother pulled.
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