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What will Happen to SON once soaps are dead?

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Hopefully the foreign and canceled soap sections would still have some interest, as I watch less and less of anything on primetime and those also seem to get less and less attention here anyway, aside from a few reality shows.

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While the future of soap operas on broadcast television is currently in doubt, Soap Opera Network will remain in business for as long as people are interested in discussing their favorite soaps as well as read up on the new soap operas debuting down the line. Soap Operas in their current form maybe a thing of the past in the minds of some, but they are not going away. They will and are being presented in different formats whether it be online or cable. The only difference is soaps of tomorrow will not air on a five day a week schedule, which may be a good thing if you think about it. Who can commit to a show five days a week, 52 weeks a year? I know I can't.

Personally, and I'm sure the rest of the staff can back me up in this, we will remain online in another form for sure when the time comes, but we will not be gone and we will not be covering Disney Junior or non-soaps on this website. While some publications cover Jersey Shore like shows in their pages, we will not. The site is currently bought and paid for through 2018, and our commitment to soaps will not disintegrate from now until then. If anything this rumors has done, it has pushed us harder in our commitment to the genre and our hopes to see it thriving decades from now.

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