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OLTL: Actor upped to contract

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    • 3-24   Yeah, I'm behind so no spoilers @Soapsuds

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        Not that it has not been more of the same on this show. It did occur to me while watching that DUH!!! I guess this team-up between Ridge and Dollar Bill means that Bill knows (?) that Sheila and Deacon are sleeping together so I am wondering if Deacon is going to be collateral damage when all is said and done. Shame since he's now a restaurant owner.   I am wondering what the point of Steffy calling out Hope on her talk with Paris about Thomas being hot is going to be. Is Hope actually going to cheat of her own free will with Thomas now? That would be...weird. Nice to see Thomas back in that nice fashion-forward shirt he woke around the holidays last year. 
    • So very true. And heehee at 'at least he's pretty.'   I would take RC back in a heartbeat. Lucas, like Brenda, is so connected to the canvas, that it's just shocking to me that he's not there. And there are so many possibilities for him...being the brother, working toward CoS, getting back with Brad or being in a triangle...that is so much more than a gay doctor and more a doctor who happens to be...gay. 
    • Love Carnes, but he’s made it clear he is not coming back.    Who do you want to see step into the Lucas role? It needs to be an actor with some daytime chops. This is not a role worth recasting if not. I can see JP Lavoisier doing a good job, and he is a FV favourite. 
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson in the new opening titles - a clearer view than the twitter video had..

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    • Yeah, I just finished playing catch up and EH was rocking that dress.   Such a throwback to her beginnings and I loved it. 
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