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Thanks. Arlo seemed to be in the center of all kinds of drama. The actor is doing those silly pouty faces. How long was he around?

I can't believe they cast her cousin to play a guy she kissed.

Some of these stories sound a little too cliched or soapy (going from grandson to grandfather, teacher/pupil, etc.)

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I think Arlo was around for a year or two. I know he was involved in quite a few stories.

I doubt they knew they were related when they cast him, as he was guest role... at least, I really hope they didn't! That would be taking the shows title too literal!

They liked to live up to their name. Just wait until you see a few other articles, especially all the Pete Callan stuff.







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Pete Callan was a popular, if not the most popular character on the show. He was complex; he could do bad things, but you would know why he was doing it, and how he got himself into those situations; he would also have moments of genuine love.

Julie-Ann stayed around for about a year.







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I had forgotten that Margi Clarke was in the show. From what I can recall, she wasn't a nightmare like her Corrie character, she was a lot softer (as soft as one can be with that hard, brisk accent - LOL). She was around for a few months, but really, bringing in Pete's family didn't do much for him, IMO. I always felt his sister was too dull and easily forgettable, while his mother was nice while she lasted, but she never appeared again. It could just be my memory not remembering them that well, but with a character like Pete, there's always an expectation that his family will unearth another side to the character, or develop him in some way, but I never got that from them. Not that I can remember.

The Josh story was huge, and probably one of the most memorable in the shows history. IA that no soap would write/direct a scene like Josh's death these days. Pete and Siobhan carried the show during this period, as they were a much watch couple.

This one was supposed to go before the last one.








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Thanks for sharing these. From reading the descriptions it does sound like his family were kind of a bust. I don't get the point of this half-sister he started having an affair with. That hostage plot sounds dire. Pooky Quesnel played Bradley's mother on Eastenders and did a very good job.

Which of Pete's wives had the threeway?

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Pooky Quesnel was great on EE, but in this show, she was either miscast, or the character was just so damn dull, that she couldn't bring any life to it. The affair was random and a bust on screen. It just didn't make any sense. Pete had many loves, and they all made some sense, except for his sister; it felt like they did this for shock value - pseudo-incest. I was glad when his family left, and I shouldn't really feel that way about Pete's family; they should have worked.

Eileen was the one who had the threesome with two cops. Eileen was Pete's last and final wife. She was awesome; such a fun character - you know the type: bitchy, bad mother with issues, a schemer, someone you could root for; she was a match for Pete, but sadly, they were destined to destroy each other. They did take the whole 'long-lost son' thing a step too far when they cast Sam Taylor, a character who had no personality and was in the way. At this point, Eileen already had two daughters - Charlotte and Lucy Day - she didn't any more random kids.

How much of the Matt/Karen/Kelly story have you seen? I've got a bunch of their story, but if you've already watched it on YT, I won't bother uploading them... unless you want me to?





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Yay, you're back! Thanks for keeping this going. So Cat was around for quite a while? I don't know much of her.

I haven't watched most of the Kelly story. If you want to see what is on Youtube you should look at girlsngear's channel.


I hope you might share your thoughts in the Corrie thread about the Bob and Rose homage with Marcus and Maria, which is, sadly, the only thing I am watching on the show at the moment. Charlie Condou is such a good, natural actor, and at least this gives him more to do and keeps him away from the destroyed of all worlds, and line readings, Sean. If only it could end in something beyond the usual rushed misery.

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Cat must have appeared as part of the 1999 revamp, and stayed to the bitter end. Cat was great. She was the loser of the show, the one who needed a happy ending. There were a couple of times when they made her happy, back-burnered her, and didn't know what to do, so had her new man cheat or something, which got a bit repetitive for a while. They got a lot of mileage out of the tumultuous Pete/Cat/Dave triangle, and Pete/Cat attacking each other never got old. I wish I had more on Cat & Pete.

Thanks. I'll check out that channel.

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I see.

Sean was the gay guy who got stabbed. He wasn't in the show for long, maybe a couple of years. He had the whole Will & Grace story with that woman whose name I forget. I liked him, once they developed him outside of his Will & Grace relationship.










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Tony Booth was married to Pat Phoenix at the end of her life.

For some reason I thought one of Karen or Kelly was a Hart. Clearly not.

Matthew Jay Lewis. I didn't know he was on this show. He was Louise's first husband on Hollyoaks, had sleazy writing, and was soon written out. I actually liked the actor and thought he had a lot of charisma.

And Tanya Franks - Rainie on Eastenders. Wow. Talk about a small world.

What did you think of the Karen/Kelly story? It seems a bit aimless reading this.

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I did not know that about Tony Booth.

I can see where you're coming from. I think Kelly looks like she should have been apart of the Hart family.

MJL played Sean, right? I vaguely remember seeing him on that show. He had that same level of charisma on FA.

I wasn't an uber-fan or anything. I remember thinking that Karen becoming gay was randomly done. I don't think I followed it too closely. Kelly, as a character, never felt permanent; she always felt like she was short term. They did well in building up their romance, but I was disappointed that they went the route of throwing her down the stairs and killing her off. I always sorry for poor Matt, who drew the short straw in all of this. Once Kelly was dead, the story reached a dead-end, and they were all written out. It was quite disappointing, and I guess they suffered the change in producer.

I never understood why every revamp had to consist of getting rid of a load of characters? Granted, some needed to go, but a lot of characters that got culled in every producer change, had some life left in them. It was like HO: new producer, axes characters, brings in new characters, who have no longevity. Rinse and repeat.

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    • I love that office set and I wish we could see more of it. I forgot the verbal exchange between Lady Whistle Tits and Colin. What was the outcome? Why was she crying? Did Colin clock her over the head and stick a mini LGBTQ flag in the middle layer of her eardrum?
    • Well, we all knew this was going to happen with Sloan/Eric/Nicole/EJ. But I like this storyline. I just wish they would slow it down. You don’t rush through a storyline when it’s good, you play it for all its worth. I hope we get another twist somewhere down the line. Plus, there’s too many Dimeras on the canvas as it is. And not enough Bradys.  Speaking of Dimeras, what was this Dimitri/Kristen marriage [!@#$%^&*]??  Thank God it seems like it’ll be over and done with after just this one episode. And judging by the way those scenes ended, I hope this doesn’t mean that Peter Porte lied in the Michael Fairman interview. Plus, I see they’re screwing up the timeline again, since 39 years ago, Megan was in Salem, completely alive and devoted to Bo.  Other than that, I would much rather have seen Chloe’s first day at the Spectator rather than just hearing about it. And I would much rather have heard about Leo crying about Colin rather than seeing it. They really need to sort out their priorities on this show. 
    •   RHOA has lost the humor that took it to the top of the RH franchises. The ones who understood comedy either got grumpy (Nene), fired (Phaedra) or left of their own accord (Porsha). Kenya and Kandi are not natural comedians. Sheree's comedy was her obliviousness. The shade is now about jabbing each other, not having a belly laugh. Editing is trying to fill the humor gap but failing. There is also no cohesion: everyone comes across as a work hire. I've been waiting for my streaming service to upload last week's AND yesterday's episode. It claims there is a 'technical issue' but has no problem uploading RHONJ, VPR and other Bravo content. I don't know what's going on, but it happened with last season's RHOA, too. It's symbolic of the way Bravo has checked out of this franchise. They need to bring back Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, Cynthia, even KZB (though I really don't like her). Just throw everything at this show, and if Kandi or Kenya are unhappy about those returns, welp... 

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    • 100%. Companies want to block any criticism or duck accountability with regards to delivering a service. They sent two young kids to deal with hundreds of passengers, and they just repeated the mantra "Please go onto the website and rebook your journey." Not one executive or decision-maker was visible. To compound matters, I ended up catching Covid from the melée of passengers at the station, lol. This is what I mean about being let down by tech. A more personalized, human(e) service would have been more efficient in this situation. Within an hour, most passengers could have been quickly rebooked on trains that very day. But Eurostar just wants the algorithm deal with everything, and save some $$ and avoid either training humans or having to deal with human customers. Another example: the closure of physical retail bank spaces in the UK. They want everyone to do banking 'on the app.' This is isolating a sizeable portion of older or immigrant residents who prefer dealing in cash and checks and don't know how to use computers or fancy smartphones. How to take out cash or deposit checks? Where do you go when you notice fraud in your account or on your credit card? Sit on a phone for half-an-hour and go through the motions dictated by automated voicecall? Biden also recognises the alliance aspect of shared values under threat. But I will say that the Inflation Reduction Act was not well received in the EU -- it was seen as a competitive strike to attract European green business across the Atlantic to the US. Now the EU is trying to formulate meaningful green subsidies and incentives of its own. Fear of an invasion of Taiwan is also governing this decision. Will the US back the Pacific alliance of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea? Guess that depends on who is in the WH.
    • That is interesting as it's audience share doesn't really drop much. So it seems overall that timeslot lost households. At least that's how I read it.  You can see it drop from an 8.4 to a 7.9 but it maintains a 27% share and then it falls again to 7.6 and finally drops 1% share point. So despite it's big tumble in rank, overall it was still mostly maintaing its share of the available audience. 
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