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OLTL - Wedding SID Cover


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I think poor Bree must be Photoshopped - she doesn't look like the little lady from Poltergeist! Mark Lawson also looks very lifted.

They didn't have time to get around to Melissa and ME :lol:

Yeah, that's definitely Photoshopped but its a good job. BW looks absolutely stoned. I'm going to blame new motherhood and lack of sleep. ME...well that's the same picture they've been using of him for months. I think they just paste the same head shot on top of different bodies. ML looks absolutely stunned to still have a job, let alone be on the cover of a mag. It's almost like he's mocking Forbes March with his eyes. LOL!

The way that cover is laid out I might think Carly and Brenda are the couple that still says "I do."

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