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DAYS: Jason47's 45th Anniversary Tribute

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"Days of Our Lives" turns 45 years old on Monday, November 8, 2010. Step back and take a look at how it all began. Read the first week of scripts, see how the theme song was created, and see what the current cast was doing back in 1965.

Also, take a journey back to the pilot episode, now available in its entirety. Watch it for the first time, or if you've seen it before, watch it again for the memories. Plus, a compilation of over 200 historic & memorable "Days" clips. From the heart-breaking (Isabella's death; Tom & Alice Horton's funerals) to the comedic (Calliope's dog wedding, Bonnie's dance fantasy); from the earliest times (the first "Days" Christmas) to the latest (Arianna's death). Plus, Jed Allan's infamous final scene (he went to send a letter and never returned), a tribute to Betty Corday, Betty White's two surprise appearances, and much, much more!

And, a special look back at every "Days" anniversary episode. 45 years of November 8's. Find out who has appeared most on the anniversary episodes. Plus, an entire cast list & set list for each anniversary episode from 1965-2009.

All that and much more at http://www.jason47.com

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Great Job Jason!

My Favorite Scenes:

-Marlena finding DJ dead.

-Marlena/Samantha scenes.

-Isabella's death.

-Hope's death.

-"Roman" & Marlena reuniting on the pier.

-Vivian rolling over Carly's grave.

-Gina revealing her face. (What a classic soapy ending. I wish the Soaps could pull off those cliffhangers now.)

-Susan's teeth flying.

-Chloe showing off her new look.

-Zack's death.

-All The Horton's Clips.

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