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Y&R: Melody on Nikki's Drinking


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I don't know about ratings, but.......

:angry: I would stop watching. :mad:

I like other characters, but I've been waiting for 37 years for Jill to get that stupid mansion. I lost interest in other soaps long ago, but I'm hooked on Y&R waiting for the day Jill will be free. Jill has won many battles over the years but Kay has always retained her power. I'm interested in watching Jill be in charge of her own life and family, to see what she makes of it.

Katherine, without Jill, would be boring and extremely depressing. There is nothing new for Katherine if Jill leaves, she remains in the same position she's been in for 37 years. I have no desire to watch an aging old lady that get cranky with God every time a crisis hits. And it would make me ill to watch her act as a mother/grandmother to Jills offspring.

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