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M. Fairman: The Van Hansis Interview

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Fairman said: "Recently, I interviewed ATWT’s head writer, Jean Passanante, and she spoke about the introduction of Reid to the Oakdale canvas as a spoiler for Nuke, and how she was shocked by the response from a good portion of the fans. She said, “We are getting positive feedback for Luke and Reid. And who would’ve imagined we could bring anyone between Luke and Noah? You never know. I thought people would yell, ‘You can’t do that.’ But it’s been great!”

Well, Jean, if you had written Noah such that he hadn't backed away from Luke every single chance he got, maybe you would have had the kind of problems you anticipated with someone coming between Luke and Noah. It was such an improvement to see Luke in a truly viable relationship, how could anyone have preferred Luke staying with Noah?

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Oh, they most certainly are "rubbed the wrong way" by Van's comments, but then again, he ALWAYS seems to (in their minds) say the wrong thing in the press about the storylines that he's in. He's not like Jake, in which he placates the Nuke fanbase with sayings like "singular heart" and that "the fans are owed a happy ending".

Most of the die-hard Nukies absolutely hate that Reid's involved with Luke (and Noah) and the last months. They consider him to be a "newbie that's taking screentime away from the other veterans". Yet, Luke (and Noah) and their storyline has been given new life and blood with Reid's introduction.

Sucks to be them (Nukies) during these last couple of months.

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    • I've seen several people suggest this is to save face for some terrible rulings to come. I don't doubt it, although I don't want to take for granted that we're near the tipping point where SCOTUS will have enough Alito types that they won't even give these crumbs. I wonder if Roberts, always so anxious and angst-ridden about public perception of the Court, finally feels foolish for boasting about the end of racism when he struck down most of the VRA. 
    • Per what I can recollect (as it was late and honestly some fans really are tone deaf when talking to her), it went like this: SJB was up for auditioning for a role on Dexter, and Guza heard about what the character was and over a weekend completely came up with the idea of Claudia wanting to do "inappropriate" things with Johnny, and this upset her. So she went to Frons and talked about her previous experiences at ABC, et al, and they refused to change the storyline, so she decided to leave. This, on top of what Scott McKinsey did, is what soured her experience as Claudia, despite wanting to be there in that role. As for Nancy Lee Grahn & Vanessa Marcil, she's upset neither spoke out in support of her, but she also understands why some (like Grahn) cannot because they have their own families to support and think about. She also mentioned how she and Jacklyn Zeman fell out 20 years ago because she asked Zeman to support her and her claims, and Zeman declined. But that Zeman reached out a bit ago and she chose to forgive and just embrace Zeman, despite still wanting an apology for what went wrong.
    • I'd forgotten about that. That makes a lot of sense.  Sorry for not tagging you. Hard to remember a lot of the names.
    • when granger joined atwt in 1986, his partner, robert calhoun, was the executive producer. calhoun left the show in 1988. wonder if that had anything to do with granger’s status? 
    • Actually Y and R was moved to try to defeat AMC by starting at the earlier start at 12:30PM on June 8, 1981 (42 years ago today). Y and R was going up against Ryan's Hope on ABC and easily dominated the 12:30 pm to 1PM EST time slot, but AMC would beat Y & R from the 1 to 1:30 slot. Eventually Y and R dominated Ryan's Hope and was able to defeat AMC in the 1:00PM slot which is what allowed Y and R to go to Number 1 in the ratings. Ryan's Hope was cancelled in 1989.
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