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HBO: Game of Thrones


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^ Hell, I'm just impressed he's started the next book. Originally he said he wouldn't even start until 2012, but you just know HBO is putting the pressure on. I just pray it's for the best and things don't turn to $hit because of it. Once I heard about the show I figured we would get an end to this series. Before that, it was in doubt, imo.

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How many are left? (in his plan) Three? Apparently this one will be the last to do what the last two books did and only focus on one part of the cast. (I have to say the fourth book, Crows really suffered for me because the cast focused on were largely characters I don't care too much for--I found a lot of it I had to sludge through, but it was worth it for the far more enjoyable Dragons. I'm glad the show will apparently not be doing it this way. Actually a friend of mine says that he thinks the rule seems to be so far that the odd numbered volumes are better than the even lol).

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I think he's trying to wrap things up in 7, but has said it could go to eight. It'll be interesting to see how the show breaks things up. It sounds like the third book will be two season, but after that they'll have to merge the books starting with AFFCs. Maybe that will give them the opportunity to cut things down?

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