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Y&R's Bryton

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I think that Emmy win may have saved Bryton from being terminated or dropped to recurring last year. I hope this Emmy nomination saves him again. There are not many African American young males on the soaps so it is good that he is at Y&R, even if they refuse to give him much to do.

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That was never the case.

I really don't like him. He comes off as obnoxious [on screen, as judgemental Devon; I don't know what he's like IRL], he has no screen presence and no real charisma or sex appeal.

To me, his storylines have always been as coma-inducing as his onscreen father's storylines.

But what he said in the interview was, yeah, cool. At least he's grateful.

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Bryton is capable, I don't think his lack of presence is much of his own contribution. I don't think his lack of character power or integrity is much of his contribution either, clearly his character is only a bit less mis-understood and mis-handled as Neil

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"Sometimes there are years or months when it's slow but it's such a process I'm sure the writers go through."

And here's the process:

Hogan Sheffer: Oh, f**k. We gotta throw whatshisface a bone. He's got like [enter number here] number of appearances left on his guarantee.

Maria Arena Bell: Well, what if we have Devon go deaf?

Scott Hamner: He's already deaf.

MAB: Really?

SH: Devon's adopted, isn't he? He already knows who his mother is. What if Devon decides to look for his dad? Better yet, what if he were to learn his dad doesn't know anything about him?

MAB: How would he learn that?

HS: Della Reese could tell him when she reveals Tyra isn't really Yolanda's sister.

MAB: That's so abitrary. (Beat.) I love it. But...doesn't that mean we'll have to cast someone to play Devon's dad?

SH: Shhh, I'm busy working on Colleen's big storyline.


Hogan, Maria and Scott all laugh.

End of scene.

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