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SOD: All Soaps... [6/9/09]

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Y&R's Top Secret Plot to Bring Back Thom Bierdz

Forbes March Joins ATWT

Billy Dee Heads to GH

Zach and Kendall Remarry on AMC!

DAYS: Grace Falls Ill

OLTL's Jessica Learns the Truth

ATWT: Adam Is Dead

B&B's Stephanie and Eric Team Up


DOOL: Philip Rescues Steph

GL: Cyrus Returns!

GH: Jason Learns The Truth

B&B: Owen and Jackie Get Serious

EDITORS' CHOICE: Something old, Something new, Y&R

POTW: Debbie Morgan (Angie, AMC)


Martha Byrne (Andrea, GH)

Paolo Seganti (Damian, ATWT)

Dylan Michael Patton (Will, DAYS)

The Heat Is Off: When It Comes to Telling Traditional Summer Storylines, Are Soaps Chilling Out?

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Yep, pretty much sounds like. The actual write-up is more about Casey's reaction to the situation (his not-favorite son status with Margo). A pal of Adam's, Riley, comes to town and Margo's all on that.

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One, it sucks he's nothing more than fodder in the Nuke vortex of suckage. I didn't watch OLTL, but I know he's hot. Two, I know Adam's supposed to be dead, but on ATWT, that usually means a "surprise return" is on the horizon. Three, Casey's the only one left in town who knows Adam's an attempted rapist. Will, Gwen and Maddie all left. Casey's kept quiet to not completely shatter Margo's idea of her oldest son. The only reason Casey ended up in the slammer is because Adam planted a bond Casey stole at Will's, because Adam wanted Gwennie for himself. The other charges Casey faced in the robbery were dismissed/dropped, but the judge brought the hammer down on him for framing Will for the theft. I'm okay with TIIC finally dealing with that, so maybe Margo's sphincter doesn't go off every time Casey gets in some slight bone-headed trouble....but I think it would carry more impact if they'd dealt with while Adam was alive. Although, I kind of still think he'll pop up...it would be too sad if two of Hal's kids had died.

I wonder if anyone will bother telling Parker his half-brother's dead. Oy vey...I can start shaking my head now, knowing how a pretty decent umbrella story idea is going to be eviserated by the craptasticness of Pissy's writing.

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