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CND Tuesday....and FINALLY SHE SHOWS HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!(Sheila)

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Lauren wakes up...sees that Mickey's still sleeping so she gives him a good morning kiss...he doesn't wake up because he's dreaming that he was able to convice "the most beautiful woman in the world", to marry him....He wakes up when Lauren tells him it's true....Mickey is really happy!!!!

Scott calls to see if everythings ok...he asks Lauren if he knows about Brenda...but then decided till when she gets home.Scott tells Lauren that they came out on the newspaper...so she tells him too save the copy...Scott tells her not to worry since he got 10 copies of them

Lauren starts reading the book and notices that everything happened to her...she tells herself that it's impossible that Scott knows about it...Sheila comes out saying that "it's not only possible,BUT IT'S TRUE"

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