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Hits and Misses 2000

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Time to look back to 2000.

I'll begin with Y&R.SOW voted it best show.

I'll add the others in the coming days.

Here's what they said about Y&R.

If you made a list of Y&R's high and low ponts in 2000,you would run out of space on the left side and have a big hole on the right.

Victor goes after Brad! Ashley marries Brad! Victor and Nikki reunite! Christine turns to Michael! Matt clark infiltrates sharon and Nick's family! Cassie gets sick! Tricia finds Victoria living with Ryan! Katherine almost kills Jill! Billy and Mac fall in love!

Get the picture?

Even the worst storyline(Gary stalks Victoria) wasn't all that bad,thanks to an exciting climax.Head writer Kay Alden plots her stories meticulously.Everything adds up in the end,even a convuluted storyline like Ashley and Diane's concurrent pregnancies.speaking of which,that storyline can be traced back to April 1998,when Victor divorced diane to marry Nikki on her deathbed.Talk about brilliant storytelling!


Storyline:Diane's and Ashley's pregnancies.

Couple:Billy and Mac

Breakout Performance:Ashley Bashioum

Most Shocking Twist: Nikki and Victor make love

Back Where She Belongs:Michelle stafford

Most Hearbreaking:Cassie's TB scare

Newcomer:Lauren Woodland

Energizer Bunny Award:Jill and Katherine's never ending feud

Best Resolution: Malcolm and Dru

Best Yield On a deposit:Victor's sperm


Storyline:Gary Stalks Victoria

Couple:Tomas and Nina

Wasted Resource:Jerry Douglas

Most Ironic Storyline:Christine isn't pregnant,but Laurelee Bell is.

If you want more details on any category or want a particular show's Hit&Miss,just ask!


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Thanks PR.

I'm watching Y&R in French here in Canada and right now we're in late September.

I didn't see the beginning or middle, only saw the end which was very good with Gary holding Victoria hostage in the tree house. Even in French, RPG and HT's acting was so good.

You want to remember the year 2000 (Langan's teens invasion)? *shudder* :lol:

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I loved 2000. I started watching aruond that time. I can see why older fans might have hated it, with the teens overload. But being I was a new viewer then, I loved it. It was such a change from watching DAYS.

I agree Nina and Tomas. Talk about boring! My God...

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No, not realy. Because i as a teen didnt even like the teen takeover - granted loved Kirsten as Bell and Jay as Philip but wanted the rest GONE!

But i do want to see what they say about 2000 Days! LOL.

Gosh, Langans DAYS was almost as bad Hogans... the horror.

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I started watching Y&R around that time as well, and it was absolute perfection IMHO.

The acting, the writing and the production levels were oustanding and flawless. And it lasted until 2001. Since then things started spinning out of control.

Toups, I'm so envious you can still watch those episodes. I hope someone will upload them on youtube. Even in French.

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Days of Our Lives

DOOL really pushed the envelope this year with a string of outlandish storylines-the plane crash,Hope's microchip,isabella's ghostly return,the "Who's the daddy(and to which baby?)"saga and-yikes!-Austin and Greta's virtual relity adventure.

Luckily,the show's writers balanced all this craziness wth several well scripted storylines that revolved around what has always been the heart of the show-family.


Storyline-Stefano and Hope are rescued from the turret.

Couple-Bo and Hope.

Revenge of the Nerd-Chloe.

Shocking Twist-Princess Gina's death.

Welcome to the Dark Side-Nicole

Newcomer-Jay Kenneth Johnson


Couple-Eric and Nicole

Show Me the Story-Crash!

Opportunity-Nicholas/Kate/Victor triangle

Most Convuluted Storyline-Who's Your Daddy?

Storyline-The garden of Eden


Back Where She Belongs-Melissa Reeves

Stuff It-The Will Doll,Hattie's Nose,Gina's Corpse,Greta's virginity...

Party We're glad We Weren't Invited To-Last Blast Dance

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Really? I loved 2001. as well. That was the year with Matt and Tricia, Ryan's death, Matt's death, good business stuff between Jabot and Newman, Billy and Mac were still awesome, didn't Raul's diabetes happen in this year as well? David Lago was AMAZING during that storyline..

I kinda think 2002. is when it went a bit bad... but not that much. I still loved corporate storylines a lot, also Malcolm's death happened in 2002... But yeah, 2002. was not as good as 2000 or 2001. to me.

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I agree.

Because honestly, out of about 25 characters or so the only ones there for less than 10 years now are Max, Chelsea, Stepahnie, Ej (All of whom have strong ties) and Rafe, Daniel, Mia and Melanie. I think Days focusing on Philip, Chloe, Nicole, etc is smart. These are characters that have been played over the past 10 years. Then there is Sami, Lucas who have what now, over 15 years history? Add in Bo & Hope along with the older set like Stefano, Victor, Maggie, and Caroline actually being used and thats why Days has been able to stabilize itself. So whoever is responsible for it, bravo. and keep it up!

thats because he was one of the few she actually had chem with. lol.

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That's true. In fairness, I'd call it a more than difficult task to have chemistry with Josh Taylor, but I see your point. However, you're implying that her chemistry with Webster wasn't all that great which it was. The two of them were off the charts: they had probably the hottest chemistry I've ever seen on Days of our Lives. That's a fact.

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    • Welcome back, Tripp 

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      I’m glad Tripp is back in Salem and I like that he’s planning on being more assertive. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt again. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the Soap Universe are gonna be mad about his lines today Hopefully, we get some scenes of Johnny/Tripp and Wendy/Chanel. There haven’t been that many lately and this storyline definitely needs them. I think weaving Talia into it would be a good idea as well. She needs a new man now that the Colin storyline is over.  Rafe is still dumb. There really are no security cameras at that hospital that could have shown that Colin didn’t take Abe?? Speaking of Abe, his storyline is total ff material. James Reynolds deserves so much better than this. 
    • I've been rewatching early SATC (am mid-season 2), and am enjoying the mid-90s indie film vibe of the show at that time. It was a bit tougher and grittier but it also showed some of the growing wealth of the city at that time. SATC was always about pecking order and jostling for a better position, but on the romantic frontlines. I also enjoyed the Bad Dating SLs LOL. I understand why it went the fairytale-ish route. Part of this mirrored the evolution of the city itself, as Manhattan became more moneyed and, dare I say, unaffordable. It was a glamorous city that many aspired to live in and conquer against the odds. Part of it was also, as the show progressed, our own growing investment in the main cast and their SLs. Hence less standalone episodes and more a continuing soapy story of romantic relationships. IMO, this was a fairly organic evolution.
    • Lanier is fine but I miss Hunter King as well. A lot of the material AL is struggling with currently HK would’ve had an easier time playing, she could knock out those bratty whiny freakout moments with little effort. AL’s Summer should be written as icier and more indignant.
    • Seeing Harris Faulkner trend the last few nights for shameless propaganda on Faux News, I watched a clip or two, and she is better at selling it than Tucker, Hannity, Watters, and so on. Yet she's never going to be accepted by that fanbase, for two reasons. 
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