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All: A Long awaited Return

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If you could have a character return to your favorite soap, who you thought you would never seen on the soap ever again. Who would it be, who would they interact with and why have them return?

My Choices:

Days: I would love to see Alex Marshall return to stir it up with Stefano. trying to ruin Abe as Mayor and carry on a fling with Kate. Also like to see Valerie Grant not sure how she will come in to play, but would love to see her back in Salem.

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Oh my goodness! What great choices! I have been wanting Alex Marshall to return for a long time. He was an awesome character and interacted well with everyone. I loved his conniving, sneaky, and smarmy ways. I had brainstormed a wonderful storyline for his return years ago. And Valerie Grant, I had a wonderful way to bring her back to Salem as well. I even had created a daughter for her who worked as a nurse in the hospital who became romantically involved with a character who was the boy that Abe had shot who was paralyzed. Remember that? Brandon wanted to destroy Abe because he blamed Abe for how his father treated his mother and family. So Brandon had found this guy who Abe had shot when the boy was a kid responding to a 911 call of domestic abuse. The kid's father went to attack Abe and the boy had accidentally been shot. He ended up paralyzed. I think the character's name was Larry Morris or something like that. Either way, I had Valerie returning to visit her now grown daughter and interacting with good friends such as Abe, Bo, Hope, Maggie, Mickey, Marlena, Roman, etc. As a matter of fact, Valerie's father would have shown up in town disapproving of his daughter getting involved with Larry, knowing that he was from the "wrong side of the tracks" stigma and he would get involved with Celeste and an adult triangle would develop between Valerie/William/Celeste. That was my idea and thought!

I also wanted to see Scotty Banning Jr, Skylar Olsen, Linda Patterson back to stir up the rivalry between Maggie and Linda!

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GL - Holly

I would have her interact with the whole cast, but primarily Buzz, Phillip, Blake, Clarissa, Cyrus, and Olivia.

She comes back to Springfield because she hears that Buzz is crazy with grief over Coop's death and she wants to be there for him. She also hears that Phillip is back in town and she wants to give him a piece of her mind about his role in Ross's accidental death. When she arrives, she is unable to hold on to her anger because of her own past mental illness; instead, she comes to sympathize with Phillip. However, she also notices that Phillip is hiding something (he killed Grady) and that Phillip does not seem completely well yet. She decides to use her journalist skills to investigate what Phillip is hiding. Setting up a cover of working on a foundation with Phillip in Ross's name, she takes the opportunity to gain access to Phillip's personal files, including email, and discovers Phillip's goodbye email to Daisy as Grady. Intrigued, she follows the trail further by tracking down Grady's last phone call, voicemail, etc.

When she discovers the truth, she has to decide whether to keep the secret for Phillip or turn him in to the police. In the meantime, she has also met Cyrus Foley. Cyrus views Holly as his next mark, but along the way, they fall in a sort of love and Holly truly cares for him. Holly knows Buzz would also want her to turn Phillip in since Phillip will not help Buzz take down Alan. Yet Holly also sees in Phillip's guilt over killing Grady, a similarity to when she thought she killed Sebastian in self defense. Thus, Holly's loyalties are torn.

Blake is initially happy that her mother has returned to Springfield. However, this happiness is short-lived when Blake and Holly both fall for Cyrus at the same time. Cyrus and Blake have bonded because of their shared sense of loss -- Blake over Ross and Coop, Cyrus over Grady -- as well as their shared feelings of being outsiders. Blake is reminded that she never felt loved by Holly. Holly is reminded that Blake stole Ross from her. Clarissa is caught in the crossfire between her mother and grandmother and starts to act out like Maureen.

Holly also offers a nonjudgmental ear to friend Olivia as Olivia ventures into uncharted territory with Natalia. Holly becomes part-owner of the Beacon when Olivia needs an infusion of funds. Holly also feels that WSPR is being mismanaged by Dinah and may try to get the station back eventually.

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for General Hospital the following

Laura Spencer

Luke cannot deliver with Tracy so bring Laura back and throw Tracy in the pile.

AJ Quatermaine

The only Quatermaine i loved to hate.The Best Quatermaine ever and his death scene was terrible.He needs to return and shake up GH

Helena Cassadine

Shes coming back anyway

Robert Scorpio

He is a legend and must get back on our screens

Jerry Jaks

don`t ask i actully liked him

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