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- B&B's Johnson On Return

- Cast Changes on GH

Samms back. The rumored cast changes; show spokesperson says "there is no truth to these rumors," but a setsource tells the magazine, at press time, the execs are planning a meeting with the cast.

- ATWT: Damian Returns

- "Kay's" Body Is Exhumed on Y&R

- OLTL: Jared & Natalie Uncover The Truth

- GH's Ric Blackmails Claudia

- B&B's Thomas Is Rick's Assailant

- GL: Lizzie Makes a Shocking Discovery


Kevin Kidnaps Amber - Y&R

Paul Blackmails Lucy - ATWT

Frank and Randi Wed - AMC

Natalia Says Yes! - GL


POTW: Kirsten Storms, GH


- I'm putting this one because it's a little late, several sources have told Digest theat AMC is recasting the role of Liza.

- Actress complaining about on-screen love interest. He's a well-respected Emmy winning vet but he often comes to work unprepared.

Aiden Turner (Aidan, AMC) is going to be a dad, wife is 4 months along. He notes the kid has long fingers and legs on the sonogram which he thinks is going to be a problem in 16 years.

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I think Nia needs to sit her tail down. That is, if staying with Y&R for the indeterminate future is something she wants (they may not have fired you the first time...).

It's not that I don't agree with her work ethic, but this is daytime, it's a different animal. In daytime, you don't put people's business in the street, daytime is very protective/old Hollywood, and it doesn't take kindly to folk airing dirty laundry. This isn't Grey's Anatomy and she isn't Katherine Heigl. Nia is not a soap vet (not that that means anything these days), and she needs to know when to hold 'em/fold 'em because all of this calling people out mess is going to shoot her in the foot before it makes her fellow actors step up their games.

I love that she wants to elevate the work, but what I don't love is the hissy fit diva package her message is being delivered in. If it were Slezak or Flannery talking, I'd be sending flowers.

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