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AMC: Tuesday, March 10

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I remember Aidan/Annie and Kendall finally figuring out that Reese isn't solely to blame for all Pine Valley's problems.

I think JR, David, Krystal and Amanda were on but I can't recall what their purpose was.

Ryan's reaction to Pete in general made me giggle. I kept wondering how funny those scenes could have been with a better writer and better actor.

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Oh, and Jesse was on today's episode. I am just not diggin' Darnell and Jesse anymore. Darnell is trying too hard, and Jesse is a hypocritical Martin-puppet.

Also, why is the CHIEF OF FRICKIN' POLICE involved in every single "crime" on this show? I would be a little more understanding if Jesse was Lieutenant or Detective or Investigator... something that doesn't make me always cringe, exclaiming: "WHY IS THE POLICE CHIEF AT EVERY SINGLE CRIME SCENE?!?" Doesn't he have an ENTIRE department to run?

It's almost as dopey as when Scott Baldwin was the District Attorney on General Hospital. That fool was at every crime scene. WHO DOES THAT as DA?

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