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OLTL: Scott Clifton Joins Cast

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Finally ----- what do you mean finally? I admit they are getting their fair share but I give proof that they have had them before this year with the following names:

Lee Patterson

Gerald Anthony

Jameson Parker

George Reinholt

Wayne Massey

Roscoe Born

James De Paiva

Joe Lando

John-Paul Lavoisier

John Loprieno

Jon Hensley

David Fumero

Kamar Des Los Reyes

John Bolger

Dan Gauthier

Nathan Fillion

Timothy Gibbs

and that are just a few.

One thing I can say about OLTL's hunks is that they not only look good but they always choose actors that can act too.

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I guess he's going to be a new role? I always sorta liked him on One Tree Hill, not that i watched much. They say the main role was recast cuz of a change in direction--Clifton has always struck me as slightly, well, stereotypically gay--I'm sure I'm gonna regret saying that. COuld that be a clue?

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Haha..Eric...umm...I just didn't like his role or acting on GH. It was too comedic for me. I can't see him playing a serious role. Just a typical goofy role. I don't know. i have to wait and see him on OLTL.

As for the gay part...no comment. :P

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Oh they have had a few clunkers as you said, but not as many as other shows have.

And as to Lee Patterson I know many a male and a female who felt he was a major hunk in the 1960s and 1970s. He was one of the most popular actors on OLTL for many years - the very reason they tried to rectify their mistake and brought him back as his brother in the 80's. But the writing stunk and it didn't work.

I know of one lady on the Internet on another board who still has a major thing for Lee Patterson.

I did not see him in his later years but even when he was on Another World and Texas I found him still very attractive for his age.

As to Kamar he may be a creep or whatever he was called but he is still a good looking creep. I personally don't share that opinion. I guess I have never seen him personally or paid a lot of attention to his interviews or whatever (if that is where people get he is a creep) but I like Antonio and I like Kamar's looks. That is just my opinion but it is good enough for me. Hell if I had Kamar's looks and his body I wouldn't have any worries.

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