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AMC: SOD Spoilers


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Credit goes to Betty at Soapcentral for posting these spoilers:

David, who wants a future w/ Krystal that includes raising little A,. drugs Krystal's milk, & then lies to a concerned Angie that he has no idea where Krystal is...

Frank Runyeon has been cast as Reese's dad & first airs on 12/12. McKenzie Westmore debuts as Annie's shrink, Dr. Sinclair, that same day.

Rylee resist the urge to act on their feelings...Jake won't compete w/ Brot for Taylor's love...Zach shares his secret w/ Reese...David has devastating news...Annie learns what her future will hold...

Editorial observation that the upcoming scenes where Greens feels sorry for herself & laments to a comatose Kendall that she may never be w/ Ryan is yet another instance where the show is making Greenlee unlikable.

A viewer wants Rebecca, a wonderful addition to the Hubbard family, to survive...

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David will never stop resorting to druggings. Its just who he is lol. Giving Krystal a shot of libidozone to help her into his bed? Umm give Krystal libidozone and she'll be in everyone's bed this side of the Mississippi......

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