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AMC: Annie and Erica Spoilers


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from SNS and reports at SSW:


Annie hides out at Wildwind and makes ominous plans, resulting in danger for Erica (who barely clings to life); Aidan warns Zach how Annie could cause trouble for him by revealing he knew the truth about Richie's murder.

From SSW:

There have been reports from SSW that mention that Annie is going to stab Erica at Fusion. After the stabbing Annie in a white wedding dress with blood on it, is going to be with Ryan and he is going to ask her who did she stab. Erica's bloody body is going to be shown lying on the floor and it's going to look like she is dead.

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Sayonara Annie-san!

Can she possibly rebound from this? What does this mean for Ryan the Great with no Greenlee, no Annie, Kendall with Zach?

I guess we'll see, I would have liked to see Annie evolve. BTW, they are wearing out the thing where she plays frantic victim over the phone, then she hangs up and immediately drops the act. A little bit of that goes a long way.

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I don't know. I don't like Annie, so it won't really bother me if she was written off the show. But I do think that MCE has really grown as an actress and has become one of the best actresses on the show. And it does seem like she has a big fanbase.

I read some other spoilers from audition scripts that mention her going to a mental instutition.. I think that she definitely needs to go to a mental instution for a while and get a lot of professional help. I think that this would be the best route to take her character after this latest crime of hers. They could show her getting help onscreen inside the mental instutution and show her eventually getting better.

I think it would be best if they had her character getting help instead of her continuing to do things like killing people, trying to kill people and almost killing people. When she gets better, she can still have an edge, but I think that she needs to get help so that she will be a lot less mentally disturbed.

I also think that Ryan would be okay if he wasn't paired with anyone for a while. I'm a fan of his and I would rather he not be paired with Annie, Greenlee or Kendall again. I think it would be best if he was single for a while and then later was paired with someone new.

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