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GH: Discussion for the Week of October 20th, 2008

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What does it take to get Frons to fire this horrendous HW? I read somewhere that Geary, Burton and Benard would all quit on the spot if Guza left, because they believe he's the only one who can "do justice" to their characters. With the exception of Tony Geary, this is a bonus, people! So, get rid of Guza already! Give him his own ultra-violent weekly show on SoapNet if need be.

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The only thing that could save this nonsense of a show is firing Guza....

And then.. a Christmas miracle...The last 2 years were just a bad, bad, really bad dream....No more Zaccharas, no more Russian/Italian mob, no more shooting kids on the head on a holiday, no more dumb sweeps stunts, no more dead Alan, Emily, Georgie, Justus, AJ ecc...

I wants this GH...


NOT this one..


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