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AMC: Tamara Braun talks about Reese in TV Guide

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Got this from SOC:

TB speaks about her upcoming role.

She's excited about taking the ground-breaking part and showing two women in love raising a family, and having a new baby together (sperm donor is Bianca's B-I-L Zach). When Reese learns that Bianca went into labor and gave birth to their premature baby she flies in with Miranda, and proposes marriage to which Bianca accepts.

TB describes "Reese Williams" as a strong and independent woman that loves Bianca madly in a way she never has before.

When asked if this means Reese hasn't always been gay, TB dodged the question merely saying that "Reese has issues."

She first appears Oct 30.

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LOL, I even edited my post saying I didn't quite need the *how* explained, I must not have pressed the "complete edit" button. But how the hell are they going to explain this, and why is sperm being donated like dented cans of peas in Pine Valley?? Geesh.

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