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AMC: Susan's DWTS partner to appear on the show

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(the brawl stuff is a joke LOL)

"Dancing with the Stars"' Tony Dovolani is bandaged, bruised and bleeding on the set of "All My Children"! "The Insider" was exclusively on the set of the hit soap opera when Susan Lucci got her dance partner into a little more trouble than he bargained for.

Did Susan get to into character as infamous 'Erica Kane' and go crazy on her dance partner? Did crazed fans decide that they had seen enough of Tony's rumba? Or did the twosome have a rumble with Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas, who were in the same building filming their appearance on "The View"?

"Look what Mark and Kim did to me!? Guess they're sore about getting kicked off," joked Tony.

Well fortunately the reason is nothing quite so sinister! The explanation is simple: Tony is getting all gored out to make his debut as an injured patient on "All My Children." The two are certainly switching roles for the day. The dance master has become the soap student!

"I'm teaching her the Jive," said Tony, as Susan fired back, "And I'm teaching Tony how to be a soap star."

To see how Tony fares in the acting hot seat, check out his episode of "All My Children" airing mid-October on ABC. And to see if Susan can jive on down, tune into "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night on ABC.

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    • Just started reading Grillo-Marxuach’s statement and already am taken aback by the use of portmanteau of Lindelof and Cause’s names. Were they really called “Dalton”? Hopefully my local library will get the book in some form (I made a request for an audiobook and an ebook) because this sounds like an interesting read.
    • There's a lot of narrative rewriting about Lost because it ticks many of the boxes of what was supposed to be - in terms of diversity, and expansion of network television mindsets - but at the time, the show mostly got buzz in that first season. The second and third seasons got a ton of negative response (especially the third) and even when things stabilized after that, there was a great deal of mockery of the navel-gazing "mystery box" world to help hide that there were no clear plans in place.  Even at the time I remember fans pointing out what hacks Lindelof and Cuse were. That's true for fans and producers in general, but that label has stuck, deservedly so. I always got bad vibes off the show, as well as Desperate Housewives, and consider both to be classic examples of narrative and media hype mattering more than the product itself. I'm sorry to hear just how ugly the atmosphere was backstage at Lost, but I can't say I'm surprised. It's one of those shows where the vileness bled onto the screen, especially in the deaths of those (mostly non-white) who were deemed unworthy.
    • Wow, such an invaluable information, I hope I get this for OLTL one day, but love reading in such detail the history of GH. Thank you!
    • Javier Grillo-Marxuach's full statement is a lot. Oh, BTW: @marceline will be pleased and/or enraged to know the book apparently extensively covers Sleepy Hollow.  
    • I binge watched seasons 1 and 2 after the series ended. I've never been able to watch any farther than that. The main thing I remember about this show is Dominic Monaghan stating non-clamantly in an interview that Matthew Fox was a wife beater. Wild times!
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