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January 28, 1980

Written By

John William Corrington

Joyce Corrington

Ralph Adamo

Harry Boehm

Carol Berlin

Directed By

Ned Stark

Executive Producer

Mary-Elllis Bunim

Associate Producer

Robert Getz

Art Director

Al DeLuca

Music By

Elliot Lawrence Productions

Associate Director

Charles C. Dyer

Lighting Director

Frank Olson

Production Assistant

Bonnie S.Bogard

Stage Manager

Peter Brinckerhoff

Assistants to the Producers

Stanley Soble

Gail Starkey

Technical Director

Paul Heschander


Joseph Basile

Production Supervisor

Bruce Martin

Music Coordinator

Carol Crawford

Set Decorator

Budd Gourmen

Costume Designer

Julie Weiss


Joel Mason


Francesca Paris

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