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B&B: SOD Fall Previews

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"Summer may be over, but shocking events, passion and major confrontations will continue to heat up the fall," promises Bradley Bell.

Eric/Donna/Owen: "Owen has been a mighty force in Donna's life. He believed her and supported her when no one else did. He even sacrificed his own freedom for hers, never mind having saved her life. As much as Donna loves Eric, and she truly does, it's getting more and more difficult for her to resist Owen's affection. When Donna finally succumbs to the passion that she feels with Owen, someone with ill intentions is waiting and watching, and now has exactly the ammunition they need to get rid of Donna once and for all. Or do they?"

Stephanie/Ridge/Thorne/Felicia: "Stephanie takes serious steps to seize her rightful place as matriarch of the Forrester family. She enlists the aid of Ridge, Felicia and Thorne to ensure she's exactly where she feels she's entitled to be - at Eric's side - and to put Donna exactly where she belongs, out of Eric's life forever."

Taylor/Rick/Brooke: "Devastated by his father's medical crisis and the plans of his siblings to cut all ties between Donna and Eric, Rick intervenes and brings Taylor into the picture to garner her professional opinion. But in doing so, Rick inadvertently opens Pandora's box about baby Jack. Taylor and Brooke, and these two fierce adversaries once again begin a major battle."

Bridget/Nick/Katie: "Nick struggles to tell Bridget that he slept with a dying Katie, who is now pregnant with his child. How will the newly betrothed Bridget handle this ultimate of betrayals?"


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Thanks, Kyle!

Nekkid Owen and Stephanie returning to the fore. That constitutes an iota of improvement for me.

You mean he STILL hasn't told her? For [!@#$%^&*]'s sake. This "love" story needs a stake through the heart!

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