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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at SOC:

Vincent Irizarry returns as David this fall.

Expect to see faces from Jesse's past as AMC fills viewers in on what happened while Jesse was dead.

YaYa DeCosta (Cassandra) last airs on 8/25.

Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan is in love w/ her, & Ryan confirms that truth. Greenlee, who has decided to stick w/ Aidan, tells her hubby, who goes off to confront Ryan. A brawl ensues, which horrifies Greens.

Annie later admits that she got pregnant on purpose, which leads Ryan to FINALLY be honest w/ her, culminating w/ Annie walking out on Ryan.

Pete & Adam do each other's dirty work...Ryan tells his pregnant wife, Annie, that he "loves" Greenlee, Aidan's wife...Erica gets a surprise when she goes to see Jack...

Two PV couples will hit the sheets (Jack/Carmen at his place, Jake/Amanda at his new cabin).

9/1 will be a rerun of the episode where Julia dies, Jesse rescues Angie, Greenlee kisses Zach...

Babe will invite the enemy into her home...Adam keeps his deal w/ Pete...Kathy acts out against Krystal, w/ dangerous results...

Soaps are bringing in the big guns to get viewers back, & Frons notes that "the more time that you have to tell them that Rebecca (Greenlee) or Debbi & Darnell (Angie/Jesse) are coming back, the faster you can get them back in front of their tv sets".

A viewer wants Erica in mature s/l's, & is troubled by Pratt's failure to mention Angie, Jesse, & Tad in his interviews about his vision for AMC.

Hey Frons: STFU, D&D brought in ratings, the other did NOT :rolleyes:

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