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AMC: Friday, July 11, 2008

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Yeah there was a scene very badly edited.

GO KENDALL, kill the bitch!

And Annie is now a murderess, so she really has no room to talk about anyone, plus she's trying to save her sorry hide.

About the time most of the other criminals serve time for their crimes I say Zach should go to jail ;)

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I also think that it is a bit early to be calling Petey annoying, he's only been on for a few minutes and I don't think he's going to stay that way for a lot longer either. I also don't think he's going to be a lot like Spinelli, at least I hope he won't be like him. I can see some differences between him and Spinelli, for starters he is a lot more attractive than Spinelli is. I saw some medianet pictures of him, without his glasses, and he's cute. I don't want to see him running around giving everyone nicknames, not getting the girl that he wants, and kissing up to and acting scared of different characters on the show, like Spinelli does on GH. Spinelli can be very awkward, and he acts pitiful a lot of the time. I don't want Palmer and Opal's son to be like that.

I hope that Petey will turn out to be a good character. Hopefully the casting department did a good job casting the actor for this role. They haven't been doing a good job with some of the recasts lately. The New Babe is horrid and the New Colby is very dull but they did a good job casting Frankie and Rob Gardner. They also did a good job casting Billy Miller as Richie. I remember when Billy started out as Wes, there were people on different boards who were saying he was dorky and dorky looking and uninteresting and he turned out to be a pretty interesting character. I think that Petey will be a good character.

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