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AMC: Friday, July 11, 2008

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There was clearly stuff at Fusion with Zach/Jesse/Annie/Kendall edited out. The scene where Zach (who we never see show up at Fusion) is taken out by Jesse was entred into mid-scene.

Whatever was cut there was more important than Greenlee talking to herself or the teen repeating the same lines they've been repeating all week.

I guess it just shows how boring the show is that nobody's paying enough attention to notice.

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Pete isn't that bad. He's better than both NuColby & Randi, imo.

I could almost buy Frankie's argument to Angie if he himself hadn't stayed at Myrtle's boardinghouse a few years ago. There's no way she would have turned Randi away for just one night.

Greenlee talking to herself was insipid.

I thought it was funny and a little creepy when the guy gave Ryan the binoculars to watch Greenlee. What was he doing before Ryan arrived?

You're right, LeClerc, that was a bad edit when Zach suddenly appeared next to Kendall. You'd think someone behind the scenes would have noticed it before the episode aired.

Usually I would root for Kendall against Annie but in this case I'm on Annie's side: Zach did beat up Richie and threaten to kill him and this vigilantism needs to stop. Hopefully Zach will get some jail time for assault!

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