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DAYS: Monday, 0ct 29

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Oh youre absolutely right.

Throughout the 90's it was all about Marlena, to the point where she got kidnapped so often by Stefano she sent him Christmas cards every year out of gratitude for the attention.

All shows are guilty of it. Gwen on ATWT, Sonny on GH, Brooke on B&B, etc.

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THANK YOU!!! :lol: .

You and Shawn both raise a point I have been referring to for months. While I don't endorse it, this has been happening for a long time and was even happening during the 90's, which often gets praise from many. I don't take issue with fans complaining about there being too much of someone but when it has happened in the past and never had as negative a reaction as this time (well, tropical temptation did but other then that) , that is when I think it's a bit too much IMO. I think the thing that hurts Lucas/Sami/EJ is they have dominated in a year where their story goes around in circles at some pints and moves to fast and others. The pacing and development on all ends has sucked overall and it also hurts that they haven't given this story ANY substantial break (meaning a week or two. I have seen characters dominate years for Days but never like this in a way where the dominating characters don't seem to get more then one day off every 2 months ot whatever.

Other soaps still have worse balance then Days. That is not a way of making excuses. It's just a fact. I just hope this improves soon at least story-wise so I can at least enjoy it because right now it's going around and around for like th 5th time this year and it's beyond sickening. That is what happens when you put 3 people on everyday and want to drag the story out to fit a time period or whatever I guess.

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