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Who Are Soaps' Biggest Satyrs?

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Ridge Forrester

Nick Marone

Eric Forrester

Thorne Forrester


Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine

Dr. Phil Brewer

D.A. Ric Lansing

Dr. Rick Webber

Robert X. Scorpio

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer

Edward L. Quartermaine

Ned Ashton

Dr. Alan Quartermaine

A.J. Quartermaine

Jasper "Jax" Jacks

Stefan Cassadine

Scott Baldwin

Sonny Corinthos

Jason Morgan


Victor Newman

Brad Carlton

Paul Williams

Jack Abbott


Edmund Grey

Tom Cudahy

Tad Martin

Dr. David Hayward

Palmer Cortlandt

Jackson Montgomery

Adam Chandler

Ryan Lavery

Jonathan Lavery


Kevin Buchanan

Beaufort "Bo" Buchanan

Det. John McBain

Randall James "R.J." Gannon

Cristian A. Vega

Todd Manning

Clint Buchanan

Det. Antonio Vega

Asa Buchanan


James Stenbeck

Dusty Donovan

Jack Snyder

Paul Ryan

Craig Montgomery

Hal Munson

Tom Hughes

Holden Snyder

Dr. John Dixon

Dr. Bob Hughes

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