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ATWT vs B&B: In the Netherlands

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ATWT and B&B always aired on the same network, until Januari 2007. B&B moved to another network and the raiting fell down. RTL 4 aired Atwt around 4 PM and B&B around 5:30 PM but in Januari B&B moved to SBS6. SBS6 started airing the soap around 6 PM, but raitings where low, so they moved the timeslot 4 times. RTL 4 changed the ATWT timeslot to 5 PM, and SBS6 changed the B&B timeslot to 5 PM, so they where against each other. ATWT won the race, and SBS6 changed the B&B timeslot again to 4:30 PM.

B&B used to have 700.000 vieuwers in the Netherlands, but has now around 200.000 vieuwers.

In the summer of this year RTL 4 decided to put ATWT in the 6:30 PM timeslot and the ratings went up.

Now RTL decided to air ATWT 3 times a day. A new episode around 5:00 PM on RTL 4, then a repeat on 10:30 PM on RTL 8, and the next day another repeat on RTL 4 around 9:10 AM.

In the Netherlands we see episodes of January 2006 of ATWT, so Emily shot Paul and Jennifer got her baby back.

And with the B&B we are around December 2004 if im right, because Ashley Jones just came back as Bridget.

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