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All: What would you fix, past or present?

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Soaps make mistakes, we all know that. If you had the power to go back and fix something or even now, what would you fix? How would you change storylines, etc.

AMC: Currently, I think nothing can go wrong with them. I would not keep bringing Bianca back though. I love her, but I either want her to stay or to stay gone. Don't keep bringing her back. Bring back Julia Barr and Vincent Irizarry! Never killed Dixie

ATWT: Should not have killed Jennifer. She was a good character with strong ties to the core families and a recast would be accepted, IMO. And they NEVER should have killed off Jake McKinnon! They should have paired him with Lucinda, that was my dream pair.

B&B: Another family other than the Logan's and the Forresters, stop the stunt casting and stop the Idol rejects. Utilize the talent you have

Days: Recast jeremy like yesterday. They never should have brought back Austin and Carrie just to have them leave eight months later. Bring back Jack or Frankie and have him paired with Billie. Tone it down with the teens, but keep bringing on the DiMera's!

GH: Bring back Lucy Coe and the Nurse's Ball. Give Mark Teschner a huge raise because he is wonderful with casting. Never have killed so many Quartermaines (ALAN and AJ) as they are such a viable part of the canvas.

GL and Passions, lost interest

OLTL: Killed the Daniel storyline and never made him a killer. Give Lindsey and Nora real llove lives and wonderful leading men. Give Tuc watkins the world for a contract!

Y&R: Never had the word reliquary in the script. Bring Heather Tom back as Victoria. Never killed off Drucilla and kept Phyllis as a MILF, not a Stepford wife. Send Amber Moore back to LA.

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GL never should have killed Philip or Ross. They shouldn't have recast Roger when Michael Zaslow became ill either. I wouldn't have given Alan another son. Gus has never interested me.

ATWT should have handled John's departure with an explanation since Larry Bryggman wanted out. I don't know why the show dumped traditions that are good no matter who the head writer is. I miss the AIDS Ball (despite the name) and the annual stockholder's meetings. As for recent corrections, I don't know if anyone noticed, but the story of Susan's alcoholic relapse was told in 3, count 'em, THREE episodes. On day 1 she was caught drunk, on day 2 Dusty intervened, and on day 3 Bob suspended her from the hospital. How lazy, since Alison and Emily had weeks to screw up their lives.

Y&R made 2 of the worst recasting errors ever when dumping Davetta Sherwood and Adrienne Leon. I'm still not sure if Making Jill and Katherine related was a good idea.

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Guiding Light (this might be long)

Maureen's death

A. They should have never killed her off, instead they should have played it the way ATWT dealt with Bob cheating on Kim. Maybe even have a custody battle between Maureen and Ed, with a less cartoonish Claire returning (I didn't like what B&E did to her). They also could have played Lillian/Ed/Maureen triangle up a bit....maybe even, just suggesting, having Lillian having a late in life pregnancy once Ed and Maureen reconciled, thus complicating things even more considering the fact that Maureen could never get pregnant.

B. Once they had killed Maureen off, they should have had another tentpole character in place. The list is endless like Meta Bauer, Bea Reardon, Trudy Bauer, or even Annabelle Sims Reardon. My pick would be Annabelle played by Harley Jane Kozak.

Stories from late 1993-1994

-Too many to list, about the way these stories could have been good, but played out on screen badly. However I would have never had Matt and Vanessa paired up together. Also Kat and David would have never split up either. A talented recast for the role of Kat Speakes would have been better for the show's future IMO.

2003 Transition from Millee Taggart to Ellen Weston

-There's alot of potential here that got lost in the transition of writers. Reva's stalker should have never been Alex. Edmund and Cassie should have never been paired up together. Bill ad Michelle would have had a lengthy long winding romance. Danny and Cassie would have become the new "it" couple for the show. Jeffrey O'Neil would have never showed up in Springfield. Also making Ben a serial killer was also a huge mistake IMO.


-Phillip would have never been killed off.

-Sebastian/Holly story would have played out using each and every potential it had. No Peter Simon? Recast the role of Ed! Doug Hutchison decides to exit the show? Recast the role! Sebastian should have been positioned to take his father's spot as the evil bastard of Springfield.

-Ross should have never been killed off.

-Sorry to say this, especially knowing that they have a huge fanbase here, but a Jammy pairing should have been avoided.

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Young & Restless

Making Jill & Kay mother and daughter.It was a complete re-write that went nowhere in the end.

Ashley's marriages to Blade and Cole. The chemistry was zilch and the stories were snoozeville.These 'romances'could have been played out without the trips to the altar.

Jack and Luan.This story had potential but nothing happened.Luan was boring...and then she died.Jack lost his edge.

Sharon and Jack.These two should never been involved in any way except as friends.

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