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ALL: Who was the best and worst executive producer of your show?

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Best: Jorn Winther, Felicia Minei Behr, Jackie Babbin

Worst: Julie Hanan Carruthers, Jean Dedario Burke


Best: Paul Rauch, Linda Gottlieb, Doris Quinlan, Joe Stuart

Worst: Jill Farren Phelps, Maxine Levinson, Susan Bedsow Horgan


Best: Gloria Monty, Wendy Riche

Worst: H. Wesley Kenney, Jill Farren Phelps


Best: Robert Calhoun, Lawrence Caso, Chris Goutman

Worst: Leonard Valenta


Best: Allen Potter, Gail Kobe. Robert Calhoun, Jill Farren Phelps, Joe Willmore

Worst: Paul Rauch, John Conboy, Michael Laibson

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Best: Bher

Worst: I don't know. None of them have have been grab the phone, call momma and tell her to watch good since the mid 90s but JHC is probably the worst. She seems to care nothing about the history of the show and it shows. I don't think Burke with all of her problems would have allowed the Unabortion, certainly James would not have.

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She sure did. Actually Summer 96 was a great Summer for AW. I was glued but that Monday afternoon in August when Frankie died was the start of the end. Almost like the show had heart just the week before and just lost it. We saw Frankie killd, lying dead...being hugged in the morgue. Awful. I've never forgotten it.

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Best: Lucy Rittenberg,Joe Willmore,Robert Calhoun

Worst:Gail Kobe(She started the destruction of the Bauer family),Ellen Wheeler (further damaged the show)

In Between:Michael Laibson,Paul Rauch,John Conboy


Best:Robert Calhoun,Laurence Caso

Worst:John Valente (dismantled the Douglas Marland era,hired Black and Stern to do it!)

In Between:Fred Bartholemew,MaryEllis Bunim,Chris Goutman

Goutman has a chance to redeem himself if he'd fire Jean P and install a good HW.

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Best: FMB

Worst: JDB who set the sinking ship afloat for JHC to hop on and drill the final holes.

JHC's allowed great talent, vets and newbies alike, to leave this show:

Becky Budig

John Callahan

Eden Riegel

Liz Hendrickson

Bill Christian

James Scott

Michael B. Jordan

Vincent Irizarry

Julia Barr

Terri Ivens

Tanisha Lynn

Cady McClain...

ETA: Bill DeVry -- who I saw earlier this afternoon on B&B

She's sleeping on the talents of:

Jill Larson

Tonya Pinkins

Charles Parnell

Kelli Giddish

And she allowed Sabine Singh to be dreadfully miscast as Greenlee.

Plus, I'm ready for the Disney Cam to go. This is not Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana or That's So Raven.

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Wow, Rsinclair, what a depressing list of people that have left or have been fired since she has been on the show. Don't forget to add Kelli Giddish to your list. She is being let go. No wonder AMC is a former shell of itself. So much history and talent have been lost. The only way I can see it ever improving is if they get some of those vets back or bring back characters that have a lot of history with the show. And then actually write for them. I agree about the camera work also. I hate it. Carruthers needs to go ASAP or else AMC is going to be a distant memory.

Exactly what does the EP do and how much power control do they have over storylines, hiring, firing, etc? Thanks.

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Best Executive Producer of all daytime:

Robert Calhoun-Set in motion two golden ages for both ATWT and GL. He hired Marland at ATWT. He hired Curlee and Demorest at GL. It sucked that he predecessors get all the credit, like Lawrence Caso and Jill Farren Phelps, but he basically saved these shows. He's not that bad at choosing an opening for a soap either.

Guiding Light


Allen Potter-The only complaint I have with him is his supposed fall out with Marland.

Ellen Wheeler-At first I was not sure whether or not to put her on here. Especially after that comment she made about there being more Josh and Casse fans than Josh and Reva fans,,,what ever. However she's the first in a long line of Executive Producers, probably since Phelps, to actually have a brain and make an effort to make GL into the best soap it could possibly be. No matter how misguided she seems right now. I believe if she had a capable HW, the two of them would have made magic. Sucks that we're stuck with DK.

Jill Farren Phelps-Her ideas with the special episodes were genius. Her production qualities were great. Whenever she decided to dip her hand into the writing it turned into a mess.

Between: Gail Kobe-I wouldn't say she was the best that GL had, although casting McKinsey was the best move the show could ever make. Despite that, under her the show lost Don Stewart as Mike and alot of other fan favorites that Marland established.

Paul Rauch-Started off pretty good. Got really bad. Then suddenly improved during the end of his tenure. When he left GL it was in pretty good shape.


John Conboy: Great production quality for GL under him. Sadly that's the only positive I have to say about this man. He hired a god awful Head Writer, cast some god awful actors, and brought back one GOD AWFUL actor by the name of Bradley Cole (we're still stuck with him). Again, I think under a capable Head Writer he could have made magic, but instead he drove GL into the ground.

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GL: Best - Jill Farren Phelps

Worst: Joe Willmore

ATWT: Best: Robert Calhoun

Worst: None. All had good qualities.

GH: Best: Wendy Riche

Worst: Gloria Monty's 2nd turn at the helm

OLTL: Best: Paul Rauch

Worst: Frank Valentini

AMC: Best: Felicia Minei Behr

Worst: Julie Hanan Carruthers

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