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Character who should (and could) return

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Like to hear your ideas on which characters could return to their soaps.

The criteria would be : those with storyline possibilties with current characters who would also shore up some of the continuity and history problems so many shows have a problem with.

To get the ball rolling:


Keemo Abbott - As Jack's son he could return to work at Jabot - a sexy Asian actor would also help to diversify the cast.I thought the writing for the character and Phillip Moon's acting was pretty bland first time around.

Scott Grainger -the character got short shrift last time around.His presence would allow Lauren more to do,especially if he and Kevin became rivals in some way.

Kate Valentine -Esther's seldom mentioned daughter could return home.Perhaps Esther has never been honest about her parentage and Kate could search for her dad.


Chris Hughes - the future of the core family -he should be centre stage as a young doctor and romantic lead.

Scott Eldridge - a troublemaker who has a past with Carly and could give Craig a run for his money

Abigail Snyder - her return immediately opens story for Holden and Lily


Shayne Lewis - Reva and Josh need their kids back to give them something else to focus on

Rusty Lewis - working at Springfield PD

Nick Spaulding - comes back a widower ready make his mark in the family

Looking forward to your ideas and stories!!

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James Stenbeck - We need a Real Villian back in Oakdale, someone to give Craig a run for the money and get Barbara more airtime.

Lyla Peretti- If anyone could keep Craig in line, it was his Mom! Plus we could have some great mother daughter scenes with Katie and Margo and we would have Susan's best friend back in town.

Frannie Hughes, Chris Hughes, Sabrina Hughes- The Hughes are the core family and yet we never see them! This would open up stories for Bob, Kim, Nancy and Barbara.

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I have looked her up on the soapcentral web,:::::::!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marsha Talbot played by actress Giulia Pagano, from April 1985 to 26th of June 1986. This character should come back, just her list of all her crimes takes least half an hour to post.!!!!!!!!!!!!.........

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1. Dr. Chris Hughes - Like Paul said, he's not only a blood Hughes, but he's also a doctor, which would make him a perfect romantic lead for the show. He should have never been written out in the first place.

2. Christina Hughes - Don Hughes's daughter, thus making her Nancy's granddaughter and Bob's niece. Adjusting her age for SORAS, she would be just a touch older than Katie.

3. Jessica Griffin - Okay, yes, I know, she was still around just a few months ago, but if they would be willing to do something with Dallas (who is just screaming to be paired with Jade), she would be a necessary voice in the storyline. I don't imagine Jessica would think too highly of Jade.

4. Scott Eldridge - Lisa's son who was involved with Carly in the 1990s.

5. Dr. Annie Stewart - Emily's aunt, Susan's ex-sister-in-law. She and her four children, all of whom would be in their mid 20s, would be perfect candidates for a return to town. Not all of her kids would come, just two or three, and she could come too. Annie would move into Susan's house, which used to be her parents' house.

6. Iva Snyder - Come on, with her biological daughter, son-in-law, and several grandchildren already in town, not to mention her adoptive mother...if Lisa Brown is willing, Iva should have been made a permanant return.

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1. Brooke English

2. Dr. Jonathan Kinder

3. Hayley Vaughn Santos

4. Mateo Santos

5. Maria Santos

6. Leo DuPres (body never found)

7. Vanessa Cortlandt (body never found)

8. Trey Kenyon

9. Reggie Montgomery

10. David Hayward


1. Brenda Barrett (just so they can kill her off the same day :))

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1. Leo DuPres

2. Maria Santos

3. Hayley Vaughan

4. Skye Chandler Quartermaine Alcazar

5. Mateo Santos

6. Tom Cudahy

7. Livia Cudahy- Other than recurring

8. Barbara Montgomery

9. Janet Dillion

10. Brooke English

11. Billy Clyde Tuggle

12. Angie Hubbard

13. Frank Hubbard

14. Nina Warner


1. Frannie Hughes

2. Sabrina Hughes

3. Iva, Seth, Caleb and Ellie Snyder- The Snyder family needs to be revived

4. Kirk Anderson- He could help Lucinda scheme and battle to take Craig down.

5. James Stenbeck- What if he was behind Emily's disappearance....hmmmmm???? Remeber they were once lovers

6. John Dixon

7. Scott Eldridge

8. Damian Grimaldi


1. Tina Lord Roberts

2. Cord Roberts

3. Cain Rogan

4. Max Holden

5. Gabrielle Medina

6. Alex Olanov

7. Cassie Carpenter

8. Luna Holden

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Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain)

Jake Martin (Michael Lowry)

Rebecca Budig as Greenlee

Brooke English (Julia Barr)


Andy Dixon(Scott DeFrietas)

Dr. John Dixon(Larry Bryggman)

Frannie Hughes

Dr. Chris Hughes

James Stenbeck(Anthony Herrera)


Mickey Horton--John Clarke, or a good re-cast like Nicholas Pryor(ex-Victor, PC), Peter Hansen(ex-Lee, GH) or Jed Allan(ex-Don Craig, ex-Edward, GH)

Melissa Horton or Sarah Horton

Dr. Mike Horton (prefer Michael T. Weiss)

Kristen Blake (prefer Eileen Davidson, but a very good re-cast would be ok)


A.J. Quartermaine (prefer Billy Warlock)

Alan Quartermaine(Stuart Damon) ALIVE

Laura Spencer (Genie Francis)

Dr. Tom Hardy(Matt Ashford or a good re-cast)


Kevin Buchanan(Dan Gauthier)

Max Holden(James DePaiva)

Cord Roberts(John Loprieno)

Tina Lord (Andrea Evans or Karen Witter)

Kelly Cramer(Heather Tom or a good re-cast

Cassie Callison (Laura Koffman)

Evangeline Williamson(Renee Elise Goldsberrry or a good re-cast like Shamika Cotton of I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR)

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