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DAYS: Monday, June 18

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Days of our Lives
Monday, June 18

Welcome back, Lexie!



And for a classic clip, here is a portion of Tony and Anna DiMera's "business" trip to Chicago.

I sure could go for some good old-fashioned love in the afternoon on this show, right about now.

Last Friday on DAYS:

Celeste takes Lexie to the hospital.

The police search for Claire turns up nothing, but Belle hasn't given up suspecting her daughter is nearby.

Caroline isn't willing to talk to John and Marlena about Colleen Brady, but Stefano is!

Hope finds Bo alive in the tunnel where they also encounter more EXPLOSIVE Brady-Dimera secrets!

Today on DAYS:

Will Belle turn out to be CLAIREvoyant about her suspicions?

Will last Friday's BOMBshell revelations cause more chaos and death for the Bradys?

Will EJ look hot? (sorry I'm out of stupid puns)

Tune in to Monday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES to find out.

p.s. Yeah, I know I'm starting this early, but I'm bored and I just missed creating the last two when I wanted to get a Lexie pic in there.

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That bomb is proof that soaps should stay away from FX. It looked incredibly silly. Otherwise, a good episode IMO.

This opinion is a bit retroactive, but my God, that Jeremy is just a walking cliche. The lines he's been given are absolutely cringe-worthy. Blech.

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OK I know TPTB are writing Lucas to be a controlling jerk right now intentionally, but why does Bryan Datillo have to play him in the same OLD YELLER style day after day? So sick of Screamy McChipmunk's redundant tantrums and acting out. And no more punching EJ for no reason after today, PLEASE. What is the fricking point?

As ridiculous as the amount of time elapsing for the bomb defusing scene was and ridiculous as the special effects around the explosion was, I loved Bo and Hope working together to cut the wire. I am just so happy with how those two are being written right now.

The John and Marlena (fake?) flashback from Marlena telling the doctor to go away was kind of annoying. They are starting to get out of control with the pointless flashbacks. If they are going to subject us to this crap we better get some actually useful to the storyline lenghty Colleen and Santo flashbacks this week to help illustrate the characters who are at the center of this feud.

Claire is adorable and I'm glad that storyline is being wrapped up but that "Noble Duke of York" song was annoying. And did the kidnapper just run away?

Oh EJ and Sami. How I missed you two. I wish the hair people didn't insist on making your hair look like crap half the time, Sami, but I liked that they had EJ in some casual clothes for once. Also of course loved Sami once again straight up lying to Lucas with her promise that she would be in the apartment when he got home and driving him even more crazy with jealousy and frustration about her choosing to be with EJ even when Lucas forbids it. And poor EJ, I think Sami is right that going against your family is going to blow up in your face, but it'll only make her fall in love with you so proceed.

Aside from EJ and Sami's talk and despite the bomb exploding, this episode kind of bored me. I think it's because I'm more excited for the spoilers around episodes later in the week.

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Negative though it may be, Rudolpho has a point. It would be interesting to see what other EPs and directors would have done with episodes like this. Like if you gave it to Christopher Goutman or Francesca James or Ed Scott.

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