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CBS Daytime: NEW hip promo for the soaps!

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CBS actually showed they still care at least somewhat about their soaps. this new catchy ad for the soaps, called "CBS Daytime the Next Generation," was just posted on you tube a week ago by CBS. It features a mostly younger crowd so it would be cool if they did one with an older person in a wheelchair or walker getting all hip too.

You'll know what I mean when you see it! It features:

Guiding Light: Remy, Coop and Lizzie

ATWT: Gwen and Will

Young and Restless: Lily, Devon and Daniel

Bold and Beautiful: Rick and Phoebe

Check it out!


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It was just supposed to be a print ad for COSMOgirl but they decided to film the entire shoot and they've put it on YouTube and their site.

Does anyone remember "the next generation of General Hospital"? I think it was from the mid-late 90s and they named Jason, Elizabeth, Emily, Lucky and "Nikolas with a K". That was a good one.

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