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SOD: Wasted Ink & Paper

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Okay, yours truly has been having problems sleeping lately, so I was just sitting reading the new Soap Opera Digest (the only reason it sits on my coffee table is because a friend gave the subscription as a gift)...

Now we all know the magazine, much like our beloved daytime dramas themselves, just ain't what it used to be. However, those of you who know me know that my totally wacky and disturbed mind often will find some aspect of something to drive me bonkers that no one else gives a fig about.

Okay, so what has sent me into this early morning hissy is the TOTALLY ANNOYING practice the 'writers/journalists' (and I'm only describing the staff of SOD with those two words because it is a Sunday morning)of always featuring quotes from actors/writers/stray dogs on the street and at the end of the quote always putting [laughs]...

I just saw that a minute ago and I literally threw that damn magazine across the room.

WHO ON EARTH TAUGHT THESE PEOPLE HOW TO WRITE? In my NINTH GRADE (as in high school people) intro to journalism class I was taught better skills than those clowns at SOD display!

I bet you no one else has really even noticed this nagging situation that is threatening to send me to the crazy house this morning, but I just had to vent! If you don't believe me or just never noticed, go through any one issue of SOD and you will see the sorry habit on page after page!

Okay, I'm off now to take pill...

(This portion of SRG Goes Nuts was brought to you by Excedrin Tension Headache, and by the March of Dimes)

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Well, what do you expect....half the damn magazine is annoying "get this look...how to wear, look, dress like your favorite soapstar" garbage. And the "Opinon" column sounds more and more like it's bought and paid for by TAIC.

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