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ATTN: Hurt & Heal Rules & Other Info on it's Future


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Hurt & Heal was introduced to SON in 2005. Manny and I were the original hosts. He did Daytime, while I took on Primetime. After Manny and Steve stopped doing the game, It was handed off to Juniorz1. I continued with Primetime up until a few months ago. Primetime H&H will return once the current editions end.

New Rules Effective Immediatly.

There will only be 5 H&H running at one time and Hosts will be rotated in 4 week intervals that way everyone gets a chance to host a game. If you would like to host a H&H game please PM me or reply to this message.

Here are the 5 editions

Daytime Edition

Primetime Edition

Reality TV Edition

Movies Edition

Music Edition

Current H&H Rules:

10 characters from soaps or primetime will be listed and they will each be given 10 points.

You vote by giving your favorite character on the list +2 points (healing him) or taking -2 points from your least favorite character (hurting him).

If you feel very generous or very angry towards the character, you can hurt him or heal him with + or - 3 points, but in that case you can EITHER hurt someone or heal someone, not both at the same time.

Once they reach 0 points, they are out!

If someone reaches 30, you can no longer heal only hurt (-2 or -3 points)

A person can only vote once per day.

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