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B&B Casting Rumor: Is Nick Saved by the BELL?

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It's just a rumor so far but apparently Lauralee Bell could bring her attorney alter-ego Christine Blair from Genoa City to LA very soon. She's said to represent Nick at court...

What bugs is that Nick has already a lawyer with Storm.

So the story could be false news; we'll see when the SOD/SOW scoops hit the internet tonight or tomorrow. :)

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First Ashley, now Christine?

According to numerous sources, The Bold and Beautiful has snapped up Lauralee Bell.

Insiders speculate Christine will arrive in the "nick" of time to play a major role in the upcoming trial tied to Shane's "murder". When asked about Bell joining B&B, a rep for the actress said, "No Comment."

In a related story, sources suggest Bradley Bell's decision to hire a second Y&R character - this time his sister- isn't sitting well with execs at Sony, which co-owns Y&R but has no control over B&B. One insider claims Sony was so aggravated that Bell hired Eileen Davidson (Ashley, a longtime Y&R character) when she was fired that company ordered Y&R to kill off Dru when Victoria Rowell quit so that Bell couldn't steal Rowell, as well.

Sources also say Sony asked Y&R to kill of Nick when it looked like Joshua Morrow wasn't going to re-sign. Morrow re-upped at the eleventh hour, so a tragic twist that was already in the breakdowns will airin coming weeks. (Fasten your seatbelts!)

"We don't comment on rumors," responds the rep who represents both Sony and Y&R.

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Since when did Sony execute any power over its soaps? I've always just thought they let the Bells and Corday have free reighn on Y&R and Days.

And Lauralee is such a hypocrite, she said she wanted to go on recurring on Y&R because she wanted to try other stuff outside the soap world, and now we find out she's joining B&B? WTF?! Not that I liked Christine anyway, I wished Phyllis would've killed her ass all those years ago.

I guess Sony was aggravated over Eileen joining B&B becuase they wanted her back at Days, since she was fired from Y&R.

Also, what purpose would Dru serve on B&B, when Neil, Lily, and Devon are all stuck on Y&R? Dru would not be alive and far away from her family.

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