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B&B: New April Death Rumor

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I highly doubt Ash is going anywhere (and if she did, that doesn't mean Corday would pick up the phone to call her. Had that chance and neglected it)....


So yes BB said that the actor/actress has not been told they are going to die! One way it could be Thorne is that he said he wanted out and Bradley told him no! And then changed his mind. lol.

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Is it Shane who gets the axe?

Judge yourself...

"Someone pulls out a gun to get their way."

"The fights over Phoebe turn deadly on Wednesday, April 18th.

"Violence changes everything for two characters on Thursday, April 19th."

Phoebe is absolutely safe since she is the summer story. Rick could still be a victim although it is unfortunately unlikely. So is the huff and fluff about Shane in the end. Huh!?

Dax Griffin is only scheudled to appear from April 13 to April 20...

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