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DAYS: Hey John and Marlena fans, how would you like this storyline?

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I'm a huge JM fan. I have a story idea, but it's really rough and I haven't worked out all the beats or plot points. I'd like to know what you think. Tell me if you'd like to watch this play out:

It's Fall 2007. Stefano is back in Salem, alive and well. John has learned he's the son of Shawn Brady and Daphne DiMera. Marlena has discovered she was never really married to Alex North, and that he was just a creation of Stefano's.

Stefano is still obsessed with Marlena, but thanks to a presidential pardon, he has no criminal record. EJ kidnaps John and implants a small bomb in his head. Stefano tells Marlena that if she doesn't leave Salem with him forever, he will kill John.

Marlena knows she has no choice, and bids farewell to John and her family. But John's a smart man and knows Marlena would never willingly leave with Stefano. As Marlena and Stefano head to his tropical island on his yacht, John searches the globe for Marlena. He tracks down the 5 Marlena clones, but obviously they are all dead ends.

Stefano makes it clear that he won't force Marlena to make love to him. He wants her to do it of her own volition.

John finally tracks Marlena and Stefano's yacht. It's Christmas Eve, Marlena drugs Stefano with a heavy tranquilizer, and she and John reunite and make love. Marlena tells him about the bomb and explains that's why she left, and why she can't leave. John promises to go back to Salem and find a way to rescue her.

Stefano and Marlena arrive on his island. Marlena spots an old photograph from the 1940s of a woman who looks just like her. Stefano tells her that the woman is a Russian spy named Natasha, and that Marlena is her reincarnation.

Eventually, Marlena discovers Natasha worked for a man who looked just like Stefano. She spied in the US, where she fell in love with a man who looked just like John. Eventually, her boss forced her to steal secret cloning documents and technologies. But Natasha was so in love that she took the cloning files and went into hiding with the John lookalike. Eventually, her boss tracked them down, and they all died in a murder/suicide.

Marlena learns that Stefano transformed her into Natasha while he had her in his captivity, and used her to help him build his cloning machines, which he used to clone Marlena and then rapidly age them. Stefano used a crystal to turn Marlena into Natasha, and he gives her that same crystal in a form of a necklace. She begins to remember and experience Natasha's love affair with the man who looked like John.

Meanwhile, John is back in Salem working on a way to save Marlena. He can't just take her or Stefano will detonate the bomb. And if he tries to remove the bomb in Salem, Stefano will detonate it. The ISA decide to use an experimental laser treatment on John to remove the bomb. The crystal used in the laser is the same kind as Marlena's necklace. But the laser surgery only manages to destroy part of the bomb before it backfires. However, John begins to experience the romance between Natasha and her man.

After experiencing the past life, John realizes how he can defeat Stefano and races to the island. Meanwhile, Marlena pretends to want to sleep with Stefano, at which point she ties him to the bed and gets control of the detonator device. Stefano warns her that if she destroys it, the bomb will automatically detonate. John arrives and frees Marlena, but Stefano gets free and gets the detonator. He presses the button, and John collapses! Meanwhile, backup arrives in the form of Bo, Hope, and the ISA. Stefano disappears. John is in a coma.

Back in Salem, John quickly wakes up, but he has absolutely no memories. Marlena attempts to nurse him back to health and help him remember their life together. They begin to fall in love all over again.

Meanwhile, Kristen is back, and John has slight memories of their love. Kayla tells Marlena that if John learns the truth about Kristen, the shock could kill him. Marlena refuses to stand by and let Kristen take her man, so she decides to pull out a few tricks from her sleeve. Marlena arranges to see Tony in prison and tells him that Kristen is alive. Tony is excited, but collapses. His blood disease has returned, and is killing him. Marlena tells Tony that if he gives up Stefano's location, he'll be released from prison. Tony agrees.

Stefano is captured, and Tony returns to Salem to pursue Kristen, allowing Marlena time to focus on helping John recover his memories.

John starts to have memories of how Stefano sent him to medical school before being sent into the Vietnam War to work covertly for the DiMeras. Marlena remembers this is as well, and they realize they were lovers years ago.

Tony collapses again and reveals some startling information about his past: It was he who arranged for Andre to take his place in the deathtrap to frame John for murder. Tony went into hiding, but when Stefano got his memory back, he found Tony and had him cryogenically frozen until a cure could be found. He was put in the freezer in the basement of Stefano's townhouse, which was being looked after by the bumbling Jonesy. After Stefano fled Salem, Dr. Rolf wanted to take over the DiMera empire, so he had Tony shipped to the Carribean where he woke up in a hospital. Rolf planned on using Tony and then killing him to gain power. Rolf caused Stefano's near fatal car accident in Europe, but EJ arrived in the nick of time and switched Stefano's body with his driver's. EJ sent Stefano to Italy to recuperate. Tony drained the blood of the fake Stefano and used it to cure himself. While he thought he was cured, in actuality his disease had just gone into remission. Residual psychosis was left over, though, which is why he created the elaborate Stalker plot.

Stefano agrees to give Tony his blood in exchange for doing no jail time. When Tony wakes up from the treatment, the psychosis is gone and he is no longer evil. He wants Kristen, but now Anna is back and wants Tony.

Meanwhile, John and Marlena make love, at which point all of his memories return, including his pre-Pawn memories that he thought was lost.


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