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i'm evil!!!!!!


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Okay, this is pretty crazy.

Last night, I was surfing through AOL member profiles and stumbled upon the profile of a guy that I went to middle school with. He was always an [[email protected]#$%^&*], and I never could stand him, but I knew he didn't remember me. We barely ever spoke -- I just know he did some of my friends shitty. And, from time to time, he treated me shitty.

Anyway, I sent him an instant message, and he instantly informs me that he's tripping off shrooms. I was like, "haha! I should screw with him." So, I tell him that my hot cousin wants to meet him because she saw the pictures in his profile but is too embarassed to IM him. He was like, "Wow, does she live around here? Maybe we could meet up." LoL I told him yeah, and he gave me directions to give to her so that she could come by his house. Then I told him that she had no clue where that was, so I'd just have to pick him up and take him to her... which I did.

I pulled up, and he got in my car. He was like, "Dude, is this for real? I am soooo [[email protected]#$%^&*] trippin' right now." Obviously, he was... BIGTIME. He was barely even awake, and he was laughing nonstop at the stupidest things (like my coconut car freshener). Then I told him that I had bad news -- she (my "cousin") was too nervous to meet him, but maybe she'd let me go pick her up and take her to his house if she knew that he was "for real." He was like, "Well, how do I prove that?" I said, "Well, I have this digital camera here... take a picture of yourself to let her know that you're really here and willing to meet her and I'll show it to her. She'll meet you for sure then. Otherwise she's probably not gonna come out in this freezing cold for some guy that she's not sure is really there." He then proceeded to take a few face pictures, got out of the car and had me take a picture of him (because he "doesn't like closeups" LoL) and then I was like, "Hey, you know what would be funny? If you snapped a picture of your cock.... hahahaha!" And yes, he even took a picture of his penis, LoL. HIS PENIS!! Of course, I turned my head to be nice because he was wanting to go inside the Speedway gas station to take the picture (so that he could "get it hard" for the picture, LoL), but I wasn't going to let that bastard run off with my digital camera. So, I told him that there wouldn't be enough time -- my battery was almost dead. So I turned my head and he snapped the picture.

Then he pulled out a bag of weed from his jacket and offered to smoke some with me and my "cousin" later, but I turned him down. He got out of my car and I drove off, with him fully expecting me to return with my non-existant "cousin" in tow after showing her his pictures. What a dumbass dipshit.

Meanwhile, I have pictures of him AND his penis that I plan to distribute to his circle of friends via e-mail. ;)

God, I'm evil. It may have only been middle school, but he was total dick (pun intended) and I hold grudges.

Here's the picture he had me take, LoL


Sorry you didn't get your booty call, man. You got PUNK'D!!

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LoL Mitch, he was so screwed up, you don't even know. I doubt he'll even REMEMBER it. Seriously, he was so screwed up, he was barely even awake, LoL. He was just like, "Uhh... duhh....."

As for the pictures, he was hung pretty okay, LoL. Cracked me up though how he tried to make it look bigger by doing some weird stretchy thing with it.

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