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Which Hottie should B&B stunt-cast as Bridget's...

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So, Brad Bell dished via TV Guide.com that Bridget (Ashley Jones) is going nowhere but in the arms of a new leading man to hit TV screens this summer.

And the magical word "stunt casting" was mentioned again. So folks, let's dish who's your pick - keep in mind that B&B can snatch up pretty much anyone up till the big silverscreen so there are endless possibilities... LOL!

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All the stunt casting is a waste of money and shows they aren't dedicated in the long term. They need to cast reliable soap actors who they can depend on for years to come. Bridget doesn't need a fling, she needs a strong relationship.

Felicia and Thorne also need strong stories and relationships. Now that Bridget can't be romantically paired with Ridge or Nick she is no longer important to the writers.

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I'm happy for Eric Winter, I think he'll do very well on Brothers and Sisters.

The other 4 actors you mentioned are previous B&B stars, and Bridget has been involved with Dante, Deacon and Oscar before.

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The words "stunt casting" should never pass through Bradley Bell's mouth ever. Lee honey go slap your son please.

We've had:

Mario Lopez

Patrick Duffy

Linda Gray

Alley Mills

Betty White

Missing anyone?????

And let already said he's let

Antonio Sabatao Jr

Brian Gaskill

Sean Kanan

Mick Cain

All go and they all have a good history with Bridget some more (Mick, Sean) than others (Brian, Antonio) so why are we going to introduce yet another new character...plus Bradley could have used Dax Griffin to do the dirty deed with Bridget! Oye...that would have been hot by the way! I just hate this, new characters for no real reason...shame on you Bradley...go home and read the book your daddy wrote: Soap Writing 101!!!

But *IF* we must, must have a new guy I would suggest:

Jason Priestly (Brandon, 90210)


Grant Show (Melrose)

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