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Outstanding Younger Actor/Actress


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Outstanding Younger Actor Nominations:

Van Hansis (Luke Snyder; ATWT)

Jesse Soffer (Will Munson; ATWT)

Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall; GL)

James Stevenson (Jared Casey; PSNS)

Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton; Y&R) - WINNER


Brent Weber (Sean Montgomery)

Michael B. Jordan (Reggie Montgomery)

Blake B. Berris (Nick Fallon)

Darin Brooks (Max Brady)

Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos)

Scott Clifton (Dillon Quartermaine)

John Driscoll (Coop Bradshaw)

Eddie Alderson (Matthew Rappaport)

John Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)

Hunter Allan (Noah Newman)

Outstanding Younger Actress Nominations:

Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery; AMC)

Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck; ATWT) - WINNER

Alexandra Chando (Maddie Coleman; ATWT)

Julie Berman (Lulu Spencer; GH)

Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy Layne; GL)


Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery)

Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe Forrester)

Ashley Benson (Abby Deveraux)

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson)

Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones)

Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding)

Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)

Melissa Gallo (Adriana Cramer)

Heidi Mueller (Kay Bennett)

Danica Stewart (Jessica Bennett)

Christel Khalil (Lily Winters)

Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby Carlton)

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Are you serious?! I would have liked for Emily Harper to get a Supporting Actress Nom, but she is WAY out of her league in that category. She could have nabbed Younger Actress if she were old enough to submit.

And Stevenson is much better than you give him credit for, IMO at least. I think he is one of daytime's best hires from 2006. Everytime I've seen him on PASSIONS, I've thought he was good enough to get a nomination.

John Driscoll got screwed out of a nom this year, Pelphrey's already got one, Hansis should have been nominated last year and I'm not really impressed with the rest on the list.

I'm rooting for the underdog in this category unless I see tapes of all the performers. It should go to Stevenson this year.

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I agree that John Driscoll got robbed to a certain degree but not by Pelphrey. Just because Pelphrey was nominated before and won shouldn't prevent him from being nominated again or winning again. He was good and to me is still one of the front-runners here. He by far deserved the nomination over Driscoll who was good but not as good as Pelphrey IMO.

As to Hansis, he couldn't have been nominated last year. He didn't join ATWT until December 14, 2005 and didn't have hardly any material to submit. 2006 was his year on the show and next to Palphrey he is the one who deserves this. This is Van's first year of eligibility.

This award this year belongs to Pelphrey or Hansis IMO.

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I don't even know who that Passions dude is.

John Driscoll...I can only think of one episode that he was really good throughout and that was when he flipped out at Lizzie for lying about carrying his kid. He definitely doesn't deserve a nom over Pelphrey. Depending on what tapes are submitted, I think him, Hansis, and Soffer have an equal chance of winning...although I'm still rooting for Pelphrey.

Am I the only one here who doesn't think that Alex Chando is that great? The sexual assault story for Maddie did nothing for me. I thought Kristen Alderson would have taken her spot...or maybe even Marcy Rylan. I'm ecstatic to see Stephanie Gatschet finally get a nom, though! I think it's between her and Julie Berman.

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I stand corrected about Hansis. I thought all the coming out stuff was part of last year's eligibility.

And I'm not arguing that Pelphrey screwed Driscoll out of the nomination. Pelphrey deserves to be there and I won't be upset if he wins. Not so sure about Hansis...From what I've seen, I thought his material was good and I won't be mad if he wins, but I'm still sticking to the lone NBC Nominee. I think, of all the actors on PASSIONS, Stevenson is one of the few who gave Jared(and the stale Theresa/Ethan saga) a breath of fresh air. Doubt he will win, but maybe all the CBS people will cancel each other out, ala Natalia Livingston in 2005.

Bottom line, without seeing the tapes or what they submitted(and I very well could change my mind if I see them), I'd like to see Stevenson walk away with this award. Will it happen? In a cold day in hell. But I certainly wouldn't count him out of Younger Actor either.

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Made it seem believable that Jared would be into Theresa after her heart is exclusively devoted to one man and one man only? Added charisma to a role that could have easily been one note and tiresome? How about the sex appeal? Hmmm?

Stevenson's win would be an upset to the heavyweights like Hansis and Pelphrey, but I wouldn't count him out either. If he has the right tapes, he could possibly snatch a win, especially if ABC/NBC people are voting in the booth and they are still pissed at CBS for "bloc voting."

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