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Y&R: Casting news

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All this talk about Olivia being back for longer. Isn't Tonya Lee Williams still busy with the ReelWorld Film Festival and staying almost year round in Canada due to it? I know from everything I read that was mostly why she left Y&R and wasn't available to them.

I know there are 3 current news stories that mentions her and the festival and one movie she is doing:




I just think she is still probably too busy to come back full time. I am glad that she found the time to do this.

If you will look at her IMDb entry up until 2001 (when she founded the Film Festival) she was a busy actress. Since 2001 she only has 3 entries - one for 2004, one for 2005, and one for 2006. She has slowed down some before that too but really slowed down after she founded the Festival.

Here is the website for the festival http://www.reelworld.ca/ if anyone wants to look at it.

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Is this extremely dry humor? She doesn't have chemistry with anyone and I haven't seen any praise for her since returning. There is no way she revitalized the Winters family. Now they are disconnected and when she's in scenes with family they are dragged down.

Scenes with Neil/Lily/Devon are gonna be so painful once Dru leaves. I hope they don't decide to use Lily more to fill in the slack because it certainly won't be cutting it.

I still say bring on Tanisha Lynn for Lily!

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