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AMC: Friday

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I loved Erica's slap! She got JR pretty good....and he definitely deserved it after calling Erica a tramp (even though she is...haha).

I can't believe that Tad and Aiden are fighting like this - almost coming to blows and pushing each other around. It's pretty random, BUT MEK really is doing a great job today acting - and I'm really happy he's bringing up the fact that he promised Dixie that he'd catch the Satin Slayer and how he's doing all this for Dixie. At least they haven't let Tad forget Dixie.

No Babe/Josh today (so far...) - impressive! haha

Ryan is back though - but I like him with Bianca usually, so maybe it'll be ok.

Loving Zach and Kendall putting the pieces together. After watching this all play out, it really does make sense why the Satin Slayer is who it is and the whole buildup...even though it might be a little lackluster, it still makes a lot of sense to me.

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Good show!

Zach and Kendall :(

And that last scene with Zach :o

I actually can't wait till Monday's episode :o

OMFG Zendall were frickin amazing. I'm bawling watching their scenes. They're so heartbreaking and instense.

Someone must be holding McTrash hostage, cause no way in hell she wrote this ;)

I can't wait till Monday either :o

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Working Ryan

So Bianca comes on over to ferret face's little loft today and shows him the button she found in the park after the he/she or she-male or Transamerica ripoff got attacked and Ryan actually tells Bianca to do some investigating on where the button was found....sheesh one would think that St. Ryan would put on his detective skills that he somehow inherited and pretend to be a good ole Deputy Dog and solve the case but guess he is not going to be working as a police officer anymore. Well there are still plenty of jobs out there for Ryan to accomplish such as making cotton candy out of sting rays with orgasms and erections, plucking Julia Robert's moustache that is spread all over Europe, piloting an airplane to crash into the Atlantic Ocean and he gets eaten by a 10 a$$ed shark (we can only hope), oh and the grandest job of all and that is turning the letters on Wheel of Fortune. Yep Ryan finally mastered the alphabet and is putting Vanna White out of business. How did he do so? By reading My Pet Goat that Bush hasn't finished yet and then thinking about buying his own goat to have as a pet and then it can bite his balls off and the next mystery in Pine Valley is looking for Ryan's balls. It can be solved in a few days since it is being hung up in Lorena Bobbett's room for target practice!

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Today was very anti-climatic for me........ Zach and Kendall as always were solid but it was all meh for me. I think its because I already knew all what was going to happen. The Amelia look alike showing up at the end though, that was rather shocking and next week does sound great and we will get all the answers. Even if all of them do not make sense :lol:

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