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It's Valentine's Day....and I'm alone!


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My best Valentine of all was fraternal.

My usually overly sarcastic brother came down from Boston to help me out (and then promptly went out snow-sledding with the trick he met last time he was down)

Still I love him. And I still love my ex who sent me flowers.

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I actually had a decent Valentine's. I had no plans until a couple of friends of mine just said screw this lets go out and celebrate, get all dressed up, go out to a nice restaurant, and go see Hannibal Rising.

P.F. Changs is to die for, so I was glad we went there to eat. The best part outside of the orgasmic food.........we all took pictures under the table. It was sorta a double date kinda thing, so me and this guy pulled out our balls and took pictures. I can't believe we did that in public, okay well I can, the pictures are hilarious though! I guess I could post them, but I don't want to get in trouble. The only bad part was we had to wait over an hour to sit at a table and had to be like vultures at the bar because its first come first serve. Well this one guy literally dove to get a table, even though we were there first he said sorry first come first serve in a very assholeish way. I didn't want to make a scene, so I just walked away and waited for the next booth to open up. Well this Asian guy who just walked in tried to swoop in on the next table, well this time I almost knocked someone over to beat him to the table. I mean it was ridiculous what I had to do just to get a freaking table to eat at. The Asian guy try to [[email protected]#$%^&*], but my group wasn't having it. We were halfway done with our meal before another tabel opened up, so I was giving a nice smirk to the Asian guy who tried to just walk right in and sit down after we had waited a little over an hour of hovering over other people's tables.

The movie was awesome, the only bad thing was the theatre was freezing cold. I recommend Hannibal Rising to anyone who likes gore mixed with a great back story. The guy who plays Hannibal Lector was superb!

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    • I feel like Kelly's recent Variety interview confirmed for me that the tabloids no longer have any power over the media. Kathy Lee was raked over the coals by the tabloids.  There were weekly covers with unflattering photos of her yelling.  And for what?  She was a perky host with a successful commercial career who built two live-in health clinics for people with AIDS.  In retrospect, we know that the constant cruise commercials and KMart clothes were probably used to supplement her lack of income from Live.  When she was involved in a child labor scandal, her response changed the industry and she replied immediately.  When her husband publically cheated with an airline hostess, she stayed on the air and maintained her composure.  Yet, she was the punching bag of the National Inquirer for years.  Kelly learned from Kathy Lee's experience and avoided tabloid drama.  She would appear occasionally, but there wasn't much traction, nor fodder for trash media critiques.  However, 20 years ago, this interview would have made her a front-page staple. The tabs hate whenever a woman expresses a need for equity in pay.  They would have dragged her as an avarice villain who forced her co-stars out of their jobs, rather than recognizing her as one of the longest-running daytime hosts (Regis hosted for 22 years, and Kelly has been there for 23) who deserves some respect. 
    • Well given the rumors I can see why. Monyetta (and foine Heath) supposingly stepped up. And then new girl Courtney was gunning for that peach. Surprised she did not get 7th Housewife place.   I don't think the FOHs on RHOA have been this important since Season 6.     
    • Ryan's Hope had to endure a lot of recasts, but I found the ones I saw mostly worked.  Mary Ryan - Of course Kate Mulgrew was a star in the role, but I feel like had they stuck with Mary Carney, they would've been fine. I guess the pressure of recasting such an important character got to them which is what led to Kathleen Tolan who was dreadful and probably killed any interest in the character. Nicolette Goulet was fine, but I was over Mary at that point. Siobhan Ryan - Sarah Felder was EXCELLENT and should've never been fired for such stupid reasons, but I loved Ann Gillespie in the role. Marg Helgenberger was loved in the role (although not a personal favorite). I also though the last Siobhan (Barbara Blackburn) was good she just needed more time. Frank Ryan - This was probably their most successfully recast role. I always liked Frank regardless of who played him. Daniel Hugh Kelly was my favorite, but they were all good. I know the original gets mixed reviews, but I didn't mind him either. The only Ryan kid they absolutely could not recast was Pat. None of the recasts felt like the same character to me. It wasn't that they were bad actors, but they weren't Pat. 
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