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100 Great Things about SON


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38. It's the one place to "Get It On". If you wanna get young and sassy, bold and brassy, there's one place to get it on! If you wanna get your whole world turnin', let your light burn... the best way to get it on! Go ahead, girl, get it on. Dont be afraid now, get it on. Get it on, yeah, GET IT ON!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....I love you Kenny!

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33. Team Kimberlin! :D:lol:

I said great things not bad things. :P Dont get this thread closed as well. :P

We should have done this thread in alphabetical order. :P

35.) SteveFrame, Na'Vell, and Ryan (I suppose :D).

SteveFrame has been menetioned already.

37. MarlandRulez

No Comment. :P

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